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When to leave

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Hi all,

I'm 27 yrs old unmarried man. Of late in my early 20's i realized the true meaning of god, ofcourse i was not atheist, only during this time that some evoking has happen to me and it continues to happen.


I always think of leaving all the attachments in life and live and die without attachments.


I wanted to go the Kashi or tiruvannamalai spend my life in searching the true meaning of god, the glory of god.


I lost my mother and great grand mother, more sadness has joined me. People say getting married will change everything. But does marriage/sex/ love will equal to quest to union with god.


What should i do.


Your views are welcomed.


Thank you

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I believe you want to give up all the attachments since you have lost your loved ones. I assume you don't want to get married because you are afraid deep down one day you will have to go away from wife & kids...and you don't want to experience the pain you felt before. And if you think giving up attachments and leaving a monk life is the only way you want to live so that you can be happy or atleast do not have to go through life's struggles.. then I'm afraid you are mistaken. Living like a saint is not easy as everyone thinks. They have their share of life's struggles.

You are right that you should give up attachment to your life, people in your life and any possession you have - as attachment leads to misery. Besides you don't have to go to Kashi or anywhere else to unite with God and understand him. God is everywhere..he listens to everybody. I believe if one wants to know about God he will give enough opportunities to know about him. If you want to attain moksha then giving up attachments is just one of the beginnings. I believe, not every saint who gives up normal life attains liberation.

If you really want to get married then you can and lead a normal life without attachments and die happily. But if you don't want to get married and dedicate your life to god..you can also do that.

I'm not suggesting you to get married. But it makes me believe that you want to give up everything so that you don't have to struggle in life. Even Buddha, the enlightened one had to struggle in his life even after liberation. Struggles are part of life as Lord Krsna says. Accept them but do not react to them, always remember nothing is permanent, everything changes.

My advice to you is if you believe knowing about God is all you want in life..then do it. Read everything about God. Meditate and contemplate. Do something for your survival

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