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Should I wear A Pearl for Financial/Professional Gains

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Dear Revered Gurus and Friends,


Greetings to all of you.


My Name is Rajiv Kejriwal. My DoB is 10th December, 1982 at 3:37 AM IST in Calcutta, West Bengal, India


Currently I am under Guru (Jupiter) Mahadasha. A revered astrologer once told me Guru is my 3rd and 6th lord is in 2nd with Ravi the 11th lord.


So I wore a 5.25 carat Yellow Sapphire(Bankok Origin) and followed other remedies as told by the astrologer to propitiate Guru.


I am an Interior Designer by profession. However, I am in a financial/professional crisis. Following the remedies of the astrologer I did profit but it is usually short term and soon I am always in Square One. I also share our family humble business with my father as dealers in Bearings (An Industrial Item)


The Astrologer also told me that my 10th lord,lord of profession Moon is in 12th.


Since Moon is my lord of profession should I propitiate and strenghten it by wearing Pearl or by other remidies to come out of the dire straits my life is in? Will that help?


Seeking the remidies of the learned members. May God Bless you for doing this great social service helping the needy with your knowledge.


Thanking You

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