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qualifications and rules to be followed while chanting Gayathri Manthra

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Dear all,


Gayathri Mantra is very potent that protects the one who chants it with profound devotion and love.


At the same time I could see in Internet that this Mantra chanting is more liberalized like a Bhagavan Naama chanting while I intuitively feel that it should not be so. Atleast until one gains enough jnana and thejas, this Gayathri chant has to be done following basic regulations.


Just like Hari or Rama nama this mantra cannot be chanted anywhere anytime in any state I believe. For example if one goes to office with Shoes on, in his cab that free time he definitely cannot chant Gayathri Mantra. We are addressing the Supreme through Mantra. Hence we need to be very careful regarding following all other codes like one cannot chant Gayathri while he feels calls of nature, when one has not taken bath that day or one cannot chant if he had ejaculation prior to chanting that day etc.

When one integrates all this, it is clearly implied that one can chant Gayathri Mantra only in a separate dedicated time set aside sitting in suitable Asana (not in mat or bed) and also dedicatedly alllocating some time.


In rest of the free times one should chant either Arunachala or Shiva or Rama mantra which are equally potent and at the same time ever merciful.


Learned people please discuss on regulations to be followed for Gayathri here.

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>>We are addressing the Supreme through Mantra. Hence we need to be very carefu


no its not so, gayatri upasana is safest amongst all.


i himself did gayatri upasana. 108 repitition of gayatri mantra takes around 7 min. for me to complete. according to GAYATRI PARIVAR 108 rep. can be completed in 6 to 8 minutes.

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