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  1. >>We are addressing the Supreme through Mantra. Hence we need to be very carefu no its not so, gayatri upasana is safest amongst all. i himself did gayatri upasana. 108 repitition of gayatri mantra takes around 7 min. for me to complete. according to GAYATRI PARIVAR 108 rep. can be completed in 6 to 8 minutes.
  2. there are no such rules for it. baglamukhi sadhana rules doesnt apply on it. there is a gentle version of baglamukhi if you want i can give you. it requires 3 hours daily for 31 days. leave your email id for it. but leave e mail only if you think you can do this. and you get reply after 3 months i am busy in exams.
  3. didnt get your question as i dont understand what sangani means, if you are having health problems recite mahamritunjya mantra. 108 repititions takes around 10 to 12 mintes to complete. chant 33 rosary rounds for 40 days. at last day complete havan of atleast 12500 times. ic case you can not do havan THEN YOU SHOULD recite 33 rosary rounds NOT FOR 40 days but for 56 days (56 days is for without havan and 40 days is with havan) i hope you get my point. in case you are getting problem with some spirit do some research on kavach of kali, durga etc. i think daily doing one path of durga shaptshati soon you will be freed by that spirit. do path in sanskrit.
  4. friend i do not have it but you can mail mtyv and request them to send an old issue of mtyv of november 2005 containing "Saundaryottma Sadhana". they will send it to you. if you want uploaded one then you may have to wait for someone who can upload this.
  5. get courage and work on your personality. if you fear you can not do a single thing in life. how you success in life then. chant navaarn mantra (ayeim hreem .... vichhe) daily 11 rosary rounds. this is not for the girl but this is for you.
  6. you just have to recite it. khagdmala stotra you can find in . so start it and do not fear, it is safe realise the benefits on your own.
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