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Dear All,


I really need urgent assistance from experienced wonderful people here.


My DOB: Feb 7, Nineteen Seventy, 04:07AM, Vado dara (Guja rat, INDIA)


My background:


Raised in middle class family, always ranked very high in education and got one of the best degrees.

Subsequently came to USA to study but again had to struggle.


Basically, After 2000, pretty much my struggles were over and overall enjoyed good time and life with occasional bumps. I am very emotional and those bumps are mainly due to health reasons of my family members or due to cheating done by my family members whom I trusted most. But still my finances and overall life is good. Blessed with wonderful wife and kids.


Now after obtaining wonderful degree I am going to jump start a career and suddenly something came up like a negative report in a job which I am not even aware of during background checking. I am going to reply about it, however I would like to know if that is it going to affect my career for a long time. How is my future career path ? Is there significant turbulence and if yes, what should I do to avoid it?


I did study basic astrology during my younger days and left it only because I felt that I was so interested in Astrology that I may not finish my regular education which my parents wanted me to do. So to some extent I can understand technical terms of astrology.


I request all of you to provide urgent guidance in this matter at the earliest. All astrology researchers and experts please advise as soon as possible.





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Dear astro7

Shani mahadasa is running at present.Shani is debilitated.He is your 2nd and 3rd lord.So,what you have experianced is natural a per your horoscope.But professionwise you don't have any problem.By/after 9/2010 you get more benefic results.

Till shanimahadasa(10/2024) is over fast on Saturdays (night),help old ,poor and aged people,pray Lord Shani/Sri Hanumanji etc.

Nothing to worry.


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Im no astro "guru" ; but my advice would be to pray to Hari!

and think on your own ; introspect and understand the laws of the universe...

look for the truth ; find the truth ; and the truth will set you free



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Thank you respected Guruji Rao and Gaurav,


Mr Rao your words comfort me a lot. I am bit surprised at how this is playing out. I am a very reputed person with highest possible qualification but when I call this institution to rectify situation they talk to me as if I am nobody. They look at file which was more than 15 years old and had politically motivated negative reports in there. I have been chanting Hanuman Chalisa since childhood and I daily recite it once for so many years.


As you mentioned, deep in my heart I am confident that this all will eventually resolve, but I was astonished to see how bad is the response from this old institution where I decided to work (big blunder). You have mentioned that I will get good results so I am optimistic, but this incident really was a big eye opener.


thanks for your help.


I would like to chat with you over the phone if it is possible.



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