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  1. please give some details like time of marriage,time of child births,how many siblings,any major event in life(sad or happy) with dates to rectify your chart. please if possible also provide some details about you thank you
  2. please give some additional info like time of marriage,time of birth of son/daughter+how many? and such imp events to rectify your chart to answer your question .
  3. venus gets neecha bhanga because it is in exalted navamsa.
  4. let me tell you one thing, if your actual birth time is 5 seconds behind your rasi kundli changes. so it is important to rectify your birth time. give some events in your life with dates tell me something about your abilities likings,features eg.fair/dark,etc.,any problems in life etc if u provide this it would be easy to rectify chart
  5. mention your place of birth plz and also some events like 1)date of marriage and imp events etc
  6. ishta devata is seen from 12th hose from karakamsa lagna(atmakaraka placed in navamsa taken as lagna). planets situated there shows ur ishta devata. eg ketu=ganesh mercury=lord vishnu if 2 or more planets=consider stongest.(eg see for exaltation,moolatrikona own etc.)if no planets see planets having drishti on second house and that strongest planet shows ishta devata
  7. For birth time correction i'll need few events of your life with dates(if you dont remember dates at least month or year of event will do it.) eg 1)first marriage 2)divorse 3)your education status 4)first job 5)child birth(if any with dates) 6)sibblings(how many and in which order eg.bro,sis,sis,bro etc. 7)any mishaps /accidents in life and suc eents that u remember with dates please provise with date because ur birth time needs correction.
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