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Kleem mantra

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i have heard about this mantra so much,i want 2 knw is it use to attract men also,if yes do i need to say in my mind what i need before chanting the mantra.


how 2 use it?


Is it possible if i use it while i m travelling or do i need 2 use it at my home only.


i should use it on morning or evening


plz reply me back

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Hi Riya


Beeja Mantras are very powerful and potent. At the same time one carries the risk of negative effects if done without proper regulations. Nowa days people just like that encourage all to chant the important beeja mantras just like Lord's lovable names. But there is a difference.


Just like one who does not know how to use a plane should not be given the same as gift and encouraged to fly on it himself.


So first use your interest in understanding the Divine Mother in her supreme aspect. The best way to do that is take any name from Lalitha Sahasranamaa and chant the same repeatitively without Pranava. For example sudhaa saagara madhyasthaa is a best name suitable to visualize Divine Mother in the midst of milky ocean and then meditate. Once you overcome basic passions, basic bondate and craving mind slowly as guided by your intution you can allocate separate time in the early morning hours, take bath and then chant these Beeja Mantras.


There is no urgency to drive the plane directly. Please first obtain her Mercy through un intentional love and devotiona and rest will follow automatically.



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