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Dear Swathi,


Given the fact that Rahu dasa hasnt given you children - the remaining period of it is highly unlikely to give you conception.


Jupiter is 3rd lord aspecting by Rasi drishti on the 5th and also having a strong drishti (graha and rasi drishti) on the 5th lord Venus in your Rasi chart.


In Saptamsa Jupiter is the 5th lord from Cancer (counting in reverse since Cancer is even) indicating the first child debilitated in Capricorn. This indicates a female child to be born as the first child.


Strong possibility of having conception during early 2011 and having a girl child in Oct 2011 - Jan 2012 (Jup/Jup/Sat) period


With best wishes


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hello swati


you have posted a question in this forum during last october about conception. As told by shri.shirkanth, rahu

dasa has not given you a child in its mars/moon/sun bhukthi's. It could mislead the diagnosis also. For the given birth time A3 and A9 - the aruda padas which show the physical felicity are not placed well. You are born in the border of Makara lagna and a shift of just two minutes backwards can move your lagna to Dhanus. This can change the picture in Saptamsa-chart seen for children. However, Rahu's role does not change. When jupiter dasa starts in october of this year I would recommend a fresh diagnosis of both - you and your husband.


If you can post the details of your husband a better picture may emerge.

When did you got married ? sometime around 2004/05..?



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Hello Swati,


The picture is clear now. Both charts score negative points in the

area of children. For him, Moon dasa is running. Moon is placed in

fourth house in D7-saptamsa. It is twelth to fifth house, which is

negative. Also this moon is aspected by rahu and saturn, which are

krooras. As pointed out earlier, wait for the rahu dasa to be over

for you and go for IVP. Meanwhile search for a doctor whose success

rate is high in this field. I feel it is better for your husband also

to go for medical consultation. While taking medical advice, be

careful to go to a trusted and sincere doctor.


Did you get married between april and may of 2007 ?

Was the marriage an arranged one?

Do you remember the time of tying of mangala sutra ?




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Hello Sow.Swathi,


I am not here to discourage you. I only said what i could see from horoscope as per my understanding.

God willing, you may have as many children as you like.


Rahu dasa has its elements. If everything is normal, a child should have been born by now. Doctors can

analyse to an extent they are capable of. Everything is not known to everybody.


Start of a dasa can vary as per ayanamsa factor. I use Lahiri's ayanamsa. I would advise you to go for

a checkup once again after guru dasa starts.


can you pl mention the date and time of marriage ?..

also can you pl tell whether it was an 'arranged' marriage


Pl do not be discouraged.



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Hi, I am sorry for intruding on this thread, but I don't seem to get any replies whatsoever to the queries I post in this forum.


I was just eager to know about what potential careers are held for me in the future from my birth chart.


Date of Birth: 30/07/92

Time: 23:28 (PM)

Place: London, United Kingdom


Once again take DST into account, if not already taken.


Thank you

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I have been recommended an Emerald but a Jyotish Quality gemstone like emerald is very expensive so is a Peridot since that has been suggested as an alternative! Can a Jyotish quality Green Onyx be worn instead of an Emerald? Also, can I wear a Sphatic (rocky quartz) instead of a Diamond? Also, what should be the weight of the Sphatic in case I can? In case it can what should be it's weight? My body weight is 120Kg. I would appreciate if I receive an early reply from you.



DOB: 24-7-1976

Time: 11:29 AM

Place: Mumbai, India.

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Hello Sow.Swati,


The reason for fixing a muhurtha is that the time of start of an important event would be shown in the chart

cast for the event. That is why I was pressing for muhurat time of your marriage.


Any important auspicious event should be started when 7th and 8th from Lagna should be vacant. Neither

a kroora or sowmya planet be placed there. The other panchanga elements are very basic. Vishti

karana should be avoided at all costs. There are other basic rules also.


Apart from this, the event chart itself should be strong with the graha's connected to the event placed

well. Nowadays with the world moving fast, we are left with choosing muhurat time comfortable to other

aspects of life and least importance being given to astrology. We cannot accuse astrologer's since most

of us force our decisions on them. Otherwise, we go to a commercial astrologer who may not be really

concerned about our welfare.


8th house is not vacant but occupied by jupiter if the muhurat time is between 0835 hrs to 1015 hrs.

ketu is placed in 5th house. Ketu is considered for lineage. Venus , karaka for marriage is placed in

12th house. These are few other fundamental blemishes in the muhurat chart. I am not accusing the person

who has chosen this time. This would not have occurred , but for your previous karmas( if we believe in them).


Anyway after guru dasa start afresh your medical consultations.


Meanwhile surrender to the Almighty.




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I am going through 2 grahas Rahu and Ketu. I am not sure what to do. I know Since it started I am having difficulties in getting a job, house there are confusions like arguments with loved one, not being able to see both sides of a situation. I am married and have children. I do not have a temple in my area but I do my puja's at home. Please can anyone tell me what I need to do.

date of birth: June 11th 1984

time of birth : 7am

place of birth: Trinidad

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