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  1. Kanya Lagna Jupiter Mahadasha Can I wear Yellow Sapphire? Also Jupiter is in Taurus! My DOB: 24-7-1976 Time: 11:29am Place: Mumbai Current place: Mumbai I will be grate ful if I receive a reply.
  2. I have been recommended an Emerald but a Jyotish Quality gemstone like emerald is very expensive so is a Peridot since that has been suggested as an alternative! Can a Jyotish quality Green Onyx be worn instead of an Emerald? Also, can I wear a Sphatic (rocky quartz) instead of a Diamond? Also, what should be the weight of the Sphatic in case I can? In case it can what should be it's weight? My body weight is 120Kg. I would appreciate if I receive an early reply from you. My, DOB: 24-7-1976 Time: 11:29 AM Place: Mumbai, India.
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