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love marraige or arranged one? please help me out

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Dear Sir ,

How do we figure out whether a person will have love or arrange marriage. If u could answer this question in my horoscpoe.


1st May 1982

12:35 PM

Nagpur, India

Thanks and Ragards


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Dear aak131,

Love or arranged marriage ? Generally this is a common question for all grownup girls.In your horoscope the planets responsible for love marriage are Mars and Saturn.Both are retrograde and are in 3rd.They restrict you in expressing yourself openly, your inclination for the person you love and want to marry.

Better you leave this to your elders to decide.If you love somebody, tell your elders and let them decide.

with best wishes,


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Effect of venus and moon on UL, A7, 5H and 7H shows that a person most probably will have a love marriage. Effect Venus and moon on same except UL will show that a person will have a strong affair but it may not translate into a marriage


Hope it helps


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Thank you very much U.Sanjeeva Rao sir and amateur sir for your replies.


yes i am in love with someone and we both want to marry. but our parents are against our marriage. so i just wanted to know that is there love cum arrange marriage in my horoscope as we both are trying hard to convenience our parents.

his details are as follows

Gender: Male,

DOB: 18-03-1975,

Time of birth : 07:35 am,

Place: Nagpur (Maharashtra), India.

i thank you again


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