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can anyone me understand relation of horoscope and child issues...

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Hi Everyone,

me and my husband both are passionate about astrology and we love to do lot of research on the matter...

unfortunately ... we are still to be blessed with a child..... we tried understanding this problem through our horoscopes.. but in vain .... can anyone explain what aspects of persons horoscope are important to read issues related to conception and childbirth?


my details are

date of birth: 14/09/1981

place of birth:phaltan, maharashtra

time: 16:28

my 1st house is makaralagna with ketu, 3rd house- moon, 7th house - mars+rahu, 8th house- sun,

9th house bhudha+shani+guru, 10th venus


and how important is navamansa horoscope in determining child birth?

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Dear Amruta,


For cross checking of your birth data - could you please post the wedding date.

Also could you post if you are working thru any diagnosed medical condition relating to pregnancy/childbirth etc.,

Let us know




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Dear Shrikanth,


Thank you for your reply... well.. my wedding date is 04/07/2004 and 3 years back in 2007 my husband was diagnosed with fertility problems.... we were advised to undergo fertility treatments... but its been 2 years now and still no luck....

before my husband was diagnosed in 2005-2006 i was misdiagnosed and i was undergoing hormonal treatment.... but we soon realised there was no issue with me..and all my reports have come normal... its been an very challenging and trying situation for us... as something goes wrong.... and we are still waiting....

my husband was told to wear blue sapphire to overcome the weak shani in 10th house which rules the ... 5th house...


again thank you for taking time... to analyse our problem...


warm regards



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Hi, let me start from Rasi. The fifth house is empty and no aspects from planets. The fifth lord venus

is placed sixth to it aspected by the 4th lord(12th to 5th-house of children). Both these are bad. The only comfort is that venus is not placed in enemy's house.

This venus is placed in sixth in navamsa along with sun, its enemy. The ishta phala is also low.

( I am using jhora -a free software.. ishta phala can be seen under the tab "strengths").


A3, A9, As3, As9 are arudha padas and are to be placed well when seen from Sun-the life force giver. In your case As3 and As9 are placed in 12th th sun in kataka. Though A3 and A9 are shown by the software, one has to work out the other two mentally. If you know how to calculate aruda padas these points can be understood. A3 and A9 show the physical felicity while As3 and As9 show blessings from the almighty.


Mars is your chara putra karaka and moon is chara dara(partner's) karaka. Mars is neecha and with rahu and moon is aspected by saturn and rahu. All these bring in the negativities.


If you take saptamsa-D7, a varga to be for children, here too complications are seen.

The 5th house is empty but are surrounded by rahu and mars. 5th lord jupiter is good but placed in bhadaka shetra (for vrichika lagna). Since jupiter is a natural benefic it can bestow a male(since it it exalted) child.


Mercury dasa is on. In D7 Mercury placed in 10th (sixth from 5th) along with a node and aspected by saturn. Continue your treatments. A child can be born between april-2013 and july 2015.


best of luck



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