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All effort is simply to get rid of the mistaken impression

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The Teachings of BhagavanSri Ramana Maharshiin His Own WordsCHAPTER TWOFROM



PRACTICEBhagavan said: "We are all really Sat-chit-ananda (Being-Knowledge-Bliss) but we imagine that we are bound (by destiny)and have all this suffering."I asked him why we imagine this, why this state of ignorance(ajnana) comes over us.Bhagavan said: "Ask yourself to whom this ignorance hascome and you will discover that it never came to you and thatyou always have been Sat-chit-ananda. One goes through allsorts of austerities to become what one already is. All effort issimply to get rid of the mistaken impression that one is limitedand bound by the woes of samsara (this life). 11 Day by Day with Bhagavan by A. Devaraja Mudaliar (5th Edition, 2002), pp. 48-9.

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Words were super imposed both on so called subject and object to have security and comfort

within the living patterns.This intellect got conditioned in several ways to show means to an end.

One word stands as a reference to the other word as such cause and its effect appear to function.

Words were mounted upon reality is a fact to have a predisposition of the represented.Awareness

of this simple fact brings out clarity of the reality.

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