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the future

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Haribol, all you swans singing your songs. This is jayaradhes favorite of my songs, which she got to hear as well right before she passed on to Ayodhya. She loved it because she had no future as far as this world goes. Seeing that we have no future here on audarya, here is a song about real future:


FYOO CHUR by mahaksadasa (from Kipu'ka)

As a youth

All I wanted was the future

Always thought about the future

All my planning for the future

All my living for the future

Now it's here

And I paint it every day

But it's always day to day

Praying for another day

Alive for yet another day

Like the sea

Riders need a strong boat

Waves will never sink this boat

Gopal knows we need this boat

So He sends this mercy boat

All this future

Gave it up long time ago

Thought about it years ago

Now it's here but I have to go

The future is long time ago

Send the boat

Cause the future nevermore

Accumulate? I can't. No more

Future plans? I can't. No more

I want to sing and dance some more

Right now I need to love Jah more

Love Jah more?

Singing out His Holy Names

Hear from those who sing His Names

One God. One Love. With all those Names

Sing them all, those Holy Names

Govinda is sure Jah Name

Ramana is sure Jah Name

Krishna is sure Jah Name

King David sang His Holy Names

Solomon, wise, he sang His Names

He sends His sons to praise His Names

Who give their lives to spread His Fame



So, future is right this second. Noone has tomorrow, in fact

there is no present either, because it takes five seconds for the brain to latch on to what was just happening. And the past is bleak unless we grab onto the histories that invoke memory of the Name Fame, and glory of Krsna and his OWN.


And, as gHari infers, there is always the street, where western vaisnavism was born in the 60s. And we can always write, in fact, I invite anyone to write me at mahaksa_d@hotmail.com. I write back.


Hare Krsna, your eternal surf ant, mahaksadasa


and the last line from any temple program is JAYA JAGADISHA HARE.

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