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Lots of Yoga still no progress

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Hi All


The day I see my horoscope in a Software I get so much thrilled because I see so many Yogas in my Chart but in actual life things become different


1. Raj Yoga

2. Vipreet Raj Yoga from Saturn and another from Ju-Moon

3. Mars as Yogkarka

4. Gaj Kesari Yoga by Ju-Moon

5. Raj Sambhadna Yoga



Can any one highlight the weakest part/points of chart which should be taken care off and the difficulties it will show in my life



DOB: 4th August 1976

TOB: 08:55 AM

POB: New Delhi



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Hi Vipvats,


For any chart, all the rajayogas are entirely dependant on the strength of Lagna, Lagna Lord, Moon, Sun and Jupiter. Espicially Lagna and Lagna lord should be strong enough to get the fruitful results for the rajayogas present in the horoscope. Otherwise, they can not give 100% results. Basic principle is Lagna should not have any malefic afflictions or any malefics should not aspect/conjunct lagna and lagna lord.


I am going though your chart and will give you my predictions in some time..




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Hi Vipvats,

Following are my predictions.

Your Lagna is Leo and Venus (3rd and 10th lord), Mercury (2nd and 11th lord) and Mars (4th and 9th lord) are situated in Lagna. This is a good combination in lagna. However your lagna lord (Sun) is very week and placed in 12th house and highly afflicted since he is along with Saturn (6th and 7th) lord and Saturn is a bitter enemy to Sun. In your Navamsa also Sun was placed in Lagna. So on a whole your 1st house implications are afflicted as lagna lord is very week in 12th house. This was a bit negative factor to consider and moreover your lagna lord sun is with Saturn in 12th house (in a movable sign cancer) which indicates that you can be in foreign countries for a long time and you can earn some amount of money also there. But Expenses are also surely indicated as Saturn being 6th and 7th lord is aspecting the 2nd house. You need to control your expenses and most of your money will be spent on unnecessary things and unexpected expenditure.

Combination of Venus (3rd and 10th lord), Mars (4th and 9th lord) in Lagna gives Dharma Karmadhipati yoga which is really a good raja yoga combination and will give you prosperity in Foreign lands as mentioned above (sun is in 12th house). And another indication to get settled in foreign country was Moon (12th lord) was placed in 4th house. This will give you the settlement in foreign countries.

2nd house:

Dhana yoga was indicated as mercury Mercury (2nd and 11th lord) and Mars (4th and 9th lord) combination in Lagna which is good for financial prosperity. But a negative factor here is 2nd house is being aspected by a malefic Saturn which may create some problem in your family and some family issues may be there. You need to control your emotions. Currently you are running across mercury mahadasa and Saturn Antardasa from 2008 June. Some adverse results will definitely occur in malefic antardasas in Mercury mahadasa. You need to follow remedies for Saturn antardasa.

Do fasting on Saturdays, go to navagraha temple on Saturdays and worship lord hanuman. These will give some relief to you.

3rd house:

Your 3rd lord venus is in Lagna along with Mercury (2nd and 11th lord) and Mars (4th and 9th lord) which was good and you will get help from your co-borns. Rahu is in 3rd house and Rahu dasa will give you excellent results.

4th house:

You will have your own house as Mars (4th and 9th lord) is in Lagna along with Venus (3rd and 10th lord) and Mercury (2nd and 11th lord). Jupiter is aspecting 4th house and you own some land properties also on your name. Jupiter in 10th and aspecting 4th house will definitely give you a very good fame and prosperity

5th house:

5th lord Jupiter is placed in 10th house which is a good indication for prosperity and will give you fame and status in the society.

From Moon ascendant (Chandra lagna) Jupiter is 2nd and 5th lord for Scorpio ascendant is in 7th house and moon 9th lord was placed in lagna which is a very good combination for wealth and prosperity and fame.

6th house & 7th house :

You 6th and 7th lord Saturn was heavily afflicted as he is in 12th house with Sun. Your Saturn can not give vipareeta raja yoga though he is in 12th house being the 6th lord because Saturn is with bitter enemy Sun (Lagna lord) and in navamsa also he is weak as he is in scorpio along with Mars. Here for

Saturn 7th lordship dominates over 6th lordship for Leo Natives as 7th (Aquarius) is his Moolatrikona place. 7th lord is in 12th house is a negative factor and you may need to face some trouble also regarding your marriage.

8th house:

8th house lord Jupiter is in 10th house which is again a bit –ve factor and will give you some obstacles in your career as he is being aspected by moon (12th lord ) from 4th house. This may cause you digestion problems. You need to take the diet control.

9th house:

9th house was occupied by Ketu and 9th lord Mars is in Lagna which is again a good factor as indicated by me above.

10th house :

I have already mentioned above reg the 10th lord placed in Lagna and Jupiter placed in 10th house.

11th house :

11th lord Mercury is placed in lagna was good for wealth as mentioned above, but at the same time expense have to be controlled as Mercury is with Venus(10th lord). Venus is a malefic as he has kendradhipatya dosha for leo natives. Wealth is surely indicated in the chart as there are some very powerful dhana yogas as mentioned above, but at the same time negative points are also there which actually cause lavishness in spending etc.. I have already discussed the negative factors too in the above.

12th house:

I have already discussed about the sun and Saturn combination above.. please refer.

On a whole chart is good for wealth but at the same time precautions need to be taken for health and to control the expenses.



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Dear Respected Srinivas,


I will be really appreciated if you could intrepret my yoga. I have quite a few yogas in my chart, I doubt that many of them will take effect at all. I also wondering about Saturn in my chart, though it is exalted, i it also conjunct mars in lagna. Could you please throw some lights on this. Thank you.


DOB: 15 July 1984

POB: Bangkok, Thailand

TOB: 14.11

Sex: M


Best Regards,



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Srinivas, a really nice work of analysis and I really appreciate the accuracy which you had maintained. As per your Analysis I see things coming out good in Old age. Rahu Dasha, Jupiter Dasha may appear near to the end of Life. That is also a good sign. As you told that COMBO of Mars+ Venus + Mercury has helped me lot then you are really true and it had happened. Mercury gave me a beautiful Education Yoga which lead me to Doctorate, Let see what leads to Wealth now.


I know current transits are not good and may disappear soon. Still thanks


g0ld3n.tig3r, I agree that there are various yoga in everyone chart but I was curious of knowing the BEST and BAD of them and understand there play in my life.




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