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When Will I Be Able To Buy House & Vehicles

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I am not an astrologer but IF someone told you that you've kemdruma yoga dont pay any attention to him,you have infect kalpadruma yoga which cancels effects of kemdruma,you also have gajkesari yoga in your horoscope.I see lot of good things and one which attracts me is your mathematics,are you very powerful in it?Just let me know.

I sent your birth details to my friend and all above guidelines he has given to me.I do not know astrology atall.May God bless you Rajivji.

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Dear hindustani bhai,


I am not at all good at mathematics also would like to respect your knowledge of Astrology and very humbly ask,

what is kemdruma and kalpadruma?


Secondly I want to know from you is, I have a retrograde mercury in the 4th house from lagna. What is the effect of that mercury?


Thirdly I want to I want to know from you is, I have an exalted and retrograde mars with rahu in the 9th of from lagna of my horoscope. What result this mars is suppose to give?


Very eagerly awaiting your reply.

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Dont look too much inside your horoscope,do karma and do good karma,help needy persons and surely God will look at you one day.

as I said I am not astrologer but I gave your data to my friend and whatever he said I pasted here.

I belive in karma.

Last but not the least Do respect your parents I have seen many people who have good horoscope but still neglect their parents so they get nothing in this world vise ver those who have damn poor horo get everything in this material world while serving their parents...do remember this line of mine and this applicable to everyone on earth including myself.

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