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Ayurveda definition of Vajikarana Therapy

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Vajikaranamanvichhet satatam vishayee puman |

Tushtihi pushtirapatyam cha gunavattatra samshritam |

Apatyasantaanakaram yatsadhyaha sampraharshanam ||

Vaajeevatibalo yena yaatyaapratihatoanganaha |

Bhavatyatipriyaha sthreenam yena yenopachiyate |

Tadvaajikaranam taddi dehasyaujaskaram param ||

According to ayurveda texts - men who are very active in sex are at a greater risk of losing energy and nutrients. Loss of energy and nutrients may lead to erectile dysfunction, low libido and poor semen quality and quantity. (Low sperm count and motility). These men need preparations which can replenish the lost nutrients. Such preparations which increase hardness, duration of hard erection, libido, sexual energy and semen of excellent quality are called vajikarana preparations. The treatment method is called as “vajikarana therapy”.

“Vajikarana Therapy” increases sexual energy and strength like a horse. The person who undergoes vajikarana therapy becomes dearer to women as he performs like a strong horse. His energy never gets reduced even with repeated sexual acts. He will be able to produce healthy sperms which will help in procreation of healthy offspring. Vajikarana therapy also boosts general health and strength.

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