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Effects of solar eclipse on different astrological signs

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The solar eclipse on 22 july'09 is supposed to be in the pushya nakshatra, cancer rising. I request the learned astrologers to share their views and observations regarding its effects on all the astrological signs and for people with pushya nakshatra and other nakshtra which will be mostly effected.



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Dharma Sindhu




Effect of eclipse wrt to natal Moon in an individual horoscope

If it is in Janma Nakshatra proper Shanti Puja to lord Shiva is to be performed. If it is not possible a donation is required with the help of a pujari..

For Solar eclipse a Surya bimba and naga bimba made in gold has to be donated.For Lunar eclipse a Chandra bimba and Naga bimba made in silver has to be donated.

2nd,5th,7th,9th to JR,effect is average.

Snanam,puja and danam are required.

3rd,6th,10th,11th no effect.Bathing and puja.

1st,4th,8th,12th .Bad.Snanam,Shanti puja is required.


Those born in Karkataka lagna should avoid seeing lunar eclipse. Those born in Simha lagna should avoid seeing solar eclipse. Those who are in MD/AD of Chandra (for lunar eclipse) and Ravi(for solar eclipse) have to do proper shanti puja for getting the full benefits of those dasas.

Those who are in Rahu or ketu dasa should not travel together in the same vehicle on this day.

The parents should not see the grahanam if it is happening in the birth star of their eldest son.

This information can be used by those who wish to do on their own will and need.

This information is based on sacred texts and from books by Vedic pandits .So I am unable to answer any questions on this.



The above hyperlink gives some more information.

In addition the “Matsya Purana” of Shri Veda Vyasa chapter 67 contains the required information.

Edited by U.Sanjeeva Rao

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