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  1. The solar eclipse on 22 july'09 is supposed to be in the pushya nakshatra, cancer rising. I request the learned astrologers to share their views and observations regarding its effects on all the astrological signs and for people with pushya nakshatra and other nakshtra which will be mostly effected. Thanks
  2. I am going through saturn antardasha in chandra mahadasha. plz let me know when will it get over as its effecting me a lot. plz help. Also, what are the effects of chandra mahadasha both positive and negative.
  3. Thanx for replying amar Birthdate: 18march 1983 TOB: 1.37p.m POB: NCR
  4. Please reply.. Wanna know about the chandra mahadasha and the saturn antardasha period in the above mentioned chart..its start and end and its major efeects both positive and negative.
  5. Hi Please let me know about the effects of chandra mahadasha on the chart mentioned below. Its start and end and the major influences both positive and negative. Lagna- Cancer 2house- leo 3-Virgo 4- Libra + saturn 5- Scorpio+ jupiter 6-saggi+ketu 7-capri 8-aquarius+mercury 9-pisces+mars+sun 10- aries+venus+moon 11- taurus 12- gemini+rahu
  6. Thakyou for replying Sanjeevji, Want some clarifications. Are Bhakoot and bhrikut dosh same? If this dosh is found in boys kundli and boy's moon sign(scorpio) and girl's moon sign( aries) are compatible, then can the dosh be nullified or will it have the same effect or effect reduces? Please do reply.
  7. What is bhrikut dosh? How does it effect the individual. Can it be nullified?.. Please reply.
  8. i request the people who have understanding of this to please reply.
  9. Place of birth is faridabad. Plz dot tell if as to what kinds of gains or losses one has after and during this period.
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