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V K Shridhar

Shri K N Rao Blasts Ponga Pandits propagating adverse effects of eclipses

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Today in a TV programme Shri K N Rao has blasted those so called knowledgeable in Vedic / India astrology professing adverse effects on people born with different Janama Rashis & advocating remedial measures to annihilate the adverse effects of forthcoming solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. He is the most read astrologer having engaged in Vedic astrology having written over 40 books, research work and teaching thousands of students in Bharti Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi.

He has earlier removed similar doubts on Kaal Sarpa Dosha through electronic media to the masses. He has again vociferously opined that ill-read astrologers (Ponga Pandits) are exploiting the masses, who do not have access to original treatises of astrology. Thus bringing disrepute to the Vedic astrology. He felt pity on such astrologers who are exploiting ignorance of the masses for their personal benefits; and called them as Ponga Pandits.

He opined that :

Effects of eclipse is covered in Samhitas for study of mundane astrology; and not for effects on individuals based on the sign on which the eclipse falls. Effects of eclipses are not covered under Hora branch of astrology. Since the eclipse is falling in 3rd house of India, 4th house of Pakistan & 7th house of China’s horoscopes; these countries may have adverse effects related to the said houses.

Duration of eclipse should be used for Pooja & donations etc.

Public should not fall in their traps and start seeking remedial measures propagated by the so called Ponga Pandits.

Three to five eclipses occur every year since inception of the world. That does not mean that people belonging to the specific Janma Rashis must perish as effect of such eclipses; every time the eclipse falls in their birth sign.

I wish he continues to remove such misconceptions spread by such Ponga Pandits.

The purpose of my repeating extracts of the TV programme is because in this forum also there had been a discussion on thread titled “Triple eclipses - pls share your knowledge - 06-23-2009 “ ; and put up the facts through this forum.

In my opinion following precautions should be taken on an eclipse:

a) Do not see the solar eclipse with naked eye. (Eve modern science agrees with this)

b) Purification bath be taken after expiry of the eclipse.

c) Engage yourself in Punya Karmas like donations & worships.

d) Do not undertake / initiate any important life activity especially during currency of eclipse, and also during the fort-night (Paksha) between two eclipses. All Muhurt (electional) treatises advises the same.

e) Umbral eclipses have no effects. ( Like the two Lunar eclipses which are falling before & after the solar eclipse on July, 22, 2009).

… V K Shridhar

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Why human think that she is different form other animals

This study was conducted to determine the effects of the solar eclipse of 11 August, 1999, on the behaviour of birds (chickens, Pekin ducks, gulls, crows and sparrows), cattle, bees and horses. The animals were observed for 6 h, from 11.00 to 17.00 h. Abnormal and extreme behaviours were determined during the observation times. Birds, cattle, bees and horses felt the solar eclipse about 45, 20, 65 and 35 min before it occurred, respectively. They showed this via their behaviours. When the total solar eclipse occurred between 14.37 and 14.39 h, laying hens and broilers crowded together. They were very quiet and restless. Gulls stopped flying and were quiet and restless. Sparrows and crows were careful and afraid and they did not fly or sing. They crowded together in the trees and they were very nervous and afraid. All horses and cattle become very quiet, they did not move and they sniffed the air. They were very restless, shaking their tails and heads. A slight buzzing sound came from the bee hives. In conclusion, birds, cattle, bees and horses exhibited abnormal and extreme behaviours during the solar eclipse.

Sheep behaviours during a total solar eclipse. | Özbey, O. | Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances | Grace Publications Network





Shri K N rao ji is always right .

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Rishivatsyan ji,


Agreed that ALL sheeps behaved differently during eclipse, as oberved in the web site quoted by you. Those are temporary effects ; but what about observations regarding permanent effect on them?


Similarly, phases of the Moon have effects on human being; especially on lunatic ones on new & full Moon days. Certainly effect of eclipse shall be more severe.But those are temporary effects.


But the question here is that whether the eclipse have effects like; loss of health & wealth, useless travels, bad effects on certain relatives etc etc. and that those effects shall be different on different people (based on their Janma Rashi): more so that those bad effects can be warded of by some rituals.


Like you have given reference of some research work; I would like that astrologers while describing effects of eclipses must give reference of treatises quoting aphorims & chapter, or state that whether it is their research work.


... V K Shridhar

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We can't comment on Shri K.N.Rao's comments."Yachako yachaka Satruhu" is valid in every profession. He is a sharp critic of his rivals not you or me ,we are not yet identified.No other astrologer comments like him.

If we want to be practical we need not believe in astrology including Muhurtha.

Out of the entire human race,not even 0.001% know about astrology.Out of these very few bother about these subjects except few hundred who read these posts.

When stalwarts are confused about how many days are to be applied for a year and which ayanamsa is correct, where is the accuracy of dasa and antardasa start and end periods which varies by days and months.Same is the case for muhurtha fixing.It goes by belief.

We should not become fanatics of a subject which only guides and not an accurate science.

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Dear all


Well my question is may be we are as good as animals but do humans show abnormal behavior when there is grahana


Well i agree with what i saw in news media about k n rao ji can humans be divided in to 12 groups he clearly says that that the grahana things are only related to mundane astrology


I wish that members should participate in debate with the fact that with there own experience with grahana





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Varaha Mihira's Brihat Samhita Translated with commentary by Sri M.Ramakrishna Bhat Part 1 page 68 can be referred wrt to eclipses and rituals. Similarly Dharma Sindhu contains information .These are some and more by regional pandits like Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Varaprasad Sidhanti from AP (Not ponga pandits as mentioned by Shri K.N.Rao who hails from AP(sick of his language) ) mention the effects and remedies wrt natal horoscopes. Their intension is to help people and not to harm.It is for the individual to accept or deny. It is against the sanskara of learned people to abuse others who are in their own profession after getting inspiration reading from western novels.Only copy cats like him don't like other eminent people in their field.Shri K.N.Rao by this made his real real nature before the public.Our guides are only the sages and seers and not the translators.

Even such references in this forum I personally consider it as against the basic behaviour of a vedic astrologer who is supposed to be pious as suggested by our seers.

I wish this clears the doubts on the effect of eclipses on natal horoscope.Mundane astrology also deals with this about rulers and nations.

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The three eclipses effect seems to be showing its malefic influence in the drought , economic recession, unemployment,loss of moral values etc.In the near future the path of destruction may be more enroute the eclipses and their shadows moved .

It seems it has influenced this forum also.

There is a general saying that one hour of lunar eclipse has it's effect for one lunar month and one hour of solar eclipse has effect for one solar year. We have to take the country as a whole and calculate the period of effect. For individuals as per their birth place.

What K.N.Rao says in this matter. No effect of eclipses.

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