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potection from evil eyes

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dear everyone,


can anyone teach me how to protect ourselves from the evil eyes.

there have been so many ups and down in our business. whenever the bussiness is cathing up, something will come and create problems and resulting slow down. and also whenever i attend a function or simply went out with friends, the day after i usually fall sick, get skin dryness, under eye ring and extreem tiredness.

i have a very clean and healthy lifestyle and always have enough night sleeps.

is there any amulets or any kind of yantra i can wear to guard me from evil glances?

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Jai mata ki,


Brother i am a guy like you and looking for help like you.In your case i will tell you one think which i understand.............pray to your isht dev is only help you.


About remedies......


If you have enough money please go for maa Bagalamukhi jaap(1,25,000) by any good pundit ji.


Wear one 10 mukhi rudraksh in any good day after puja.


Mata rani will bless us all.


JAi maa

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Best remedies is to do one japa mala of Mrityunjaya Mantra on 5 mukhi rudraksha mala. it remove all obstacle in ones path and make oneself free form any black magic/evil eye.





You can download it in audio form from internet too. One japa mala daily.

God bless you

Rishi vatsyayan

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