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  1. Dear Sunata101010 Ji, I'm not an astrologer. Kindly check your Year of birth. To prepare a birth chart, city name is also required. You have specified only state. Thanks!
  2. Dear Astrologers, Can somebody please take initiative and analyse both charts for marriage compatibility. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear Astrologers, Can somebody please take initiative and analyse both charts for marriage compatibility Thanks in advance.
  4. Dear Astrologers, I have received a marriage proposal. Please let me know whether I should marry the girl. My Details Date of birth : 23-April-1984 Time of birth : 10:10 PM Place of birth : Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India Girl's Details Date of birth : 19-February-1985 Time of birth : 08:20 PM Place of birth : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Thanks in advance.
  5. hello1

    Maths joke

    Reaction of teachers when they see a thief in school English Teacher : 'Thief Thief' Hindi Teacher : 'Chor Chor' Math Teacher : '420 420'
  6. Dear All, I got the following URL from www.youtube.com, Paste the URL in www.keepvid.com to download Mrityunjaya Mantra Thanks!
  7. Dear Jaydev Ji, The stress and tension in my words in because of my parents, relatives & friends. I do not want to boast about myself. But, people who used to learn technology from me are in a very good position. I do not have any job. I have not yet started my career. I never know if I have any dosha or it is just a temporary pain because of planetory transit. There are proposals coming from many places. Since I do not have a source of income all are going rejecting me. Dad is facing huge loss in share market. Mom facing problems with health. I'm also facing problems with health. I never know whether I will get married or not. When I will have relief from problems? Which dasha is beneficial for me?
  8. Dear Dhruv khera Ji, Can you please tell me about my marital life? At what age I must get married? Do I have any yogas? Do you suggest any gemstone?
  9. Dear Dhruv Khera Ji, Your words have given me a very good mental support. I shall follow the remedies you have posted. I shall also welcome inputs from other astrologers if they are interested to analyse my chart. Thank you
  10. Dear Dhruv Khera Ji, Thanks a lot for spending time for analysing my birth chart. I wish my best time arrives soon. My relationship with my father is getting bad to worse since am a short tempered person. My dad is very much worried about my future & career. We consulted many astrologers and they said job will not be suitable for me according to my birth chart. Any company I join for job, either the company will sack me or I shall quit on my own. Many inputs from people. Don't know what to do. I think all this could be because of Rahu Mahadasha-Venus Antardasha. Hope this antardasha gets over soon and I get settled in life. I have decided to take computer science tuitions for School & College students. Though I have informed many friends & relatives regarding tuitions, no student has turned up till today. I believe the mental pain & suffering is just because of planatery transit. Hope it is not because of black magic/mantra/tantra. I worship Lord Brihaspati (GURU Bhagwan) on thursday and Hanuman on saturday. I also visit Lord Shiva temple & Lord Ganesha temple sometimes. Do you suggest I must visit any specific temple on a particular day to get improvement in life? Kindly let me know which Mahadasha will be beneficial for me?
  11. Dear Rishivatsyan Ji, I worked in an IT company as Software Engineer from July 2008 to March 2009. Faced lots of problems with health and peer employee. I'm not interested to reveal the name of IT company. Kindly bear with me. As you said, I have 5 planets in exaltation. Why is a situation that am unable to generate revenue for the family? Having a dosha free birth chart(said by an astrologer) am facing problems with health and no income. How many days do I depend on family to satisfy my basic needs is a big query. You also specified that Mercury planet is a concern in my birth chart. Is because of mercury am facing probelms in life? I'm completely confused. Is it because of black magic/tantra/mantra? I trust & worship all Hindu GOD. I visit temple atleast twice a week. Still am unable to grow (start) a good career and settle in life. Please show me way for improvement in life. Thanks in advace.
  12. Dear Dhruv khera ji, Can you please spend sometime to analyse my chart and help me by answering questions I have previously posted?
  13. Dear Astrologers, Can somebody please answer to the questions I have posted previously? Please spend sometime to analyse my chart. Thanks in advance.
  14. Dear Astrologers, Can somebody answer to the questions? I'm very much worried about my future. Being 25 years old am unable to generate revenue for my family. 1. When will I start earning? 2. At what age will I get married? 3. Will there be any problems in my marital life? 4. Should I wear any gem stone? 5. Am I affected by black magic? I had a decent job in a good organisation in 2008. My peer employee gave negative inputs about me to the manager and I was victimised. Later, I started searching job and did not find positive reply from any company. I have no idea about my future. Kindly analyse my birth chart and let me know. Rishivatsyan ji suggested me to join politics. Since I do not have any idea about politics am getting scared to take initiatives.
  15. It is great to see people sharing some joke to make others laugh. I would also like to share a joke. Student 1: Dancing after looking at his maths question paper in exam. Student 2: Why are you dancing? Student 1: It is specified in question paper that marks will be given for every step.
  16. Rishivatsyan ji, Thanks a lot for analysing my horoscope. I had asked few questions like Yoga, marital life, wearing gem stone and about current dasha. I'm sure you must be busy answering to many other queries. If you find time, do answer the above questions. A million thanks for your help.
  17. rishivatsyan Ji, Please reply.
  18. Sir, Firstly, I would like to thank you for spending time for analysing my horoscope. I have never thought of pursuing a career in politics. Being born in a middle class I just think of working in a company or doing some business related to education(teacher). I was victimised in my workplace because of politics game played by a peer employee. 1. Can you please tell me what yogas do I possess? 2. Will my marital life have any major problems? 3. Can you please specify an alternate career? I mean other than politics. 4. Do you suggest me to wear any Gemstone? 5. How is the current dasha for me? Is it benefic or bad? I do worship lord shiva and lord ganesha as you said. Your remedies will be followed and your suggestions & ideas will be given the highest priority. Anticipating your reply. Thanks in advance.
  19. Sir, I have given the details below, Date of birth : 23-April-1984 Time of birth : 10:10 PM Place of birth: Coimbatore,Tamilnadu Thanks.
  20. Can somebody spend time to see my birth chart and help me? I'm in deep trouble. Anticipating reply from astrologers.
  21. Dear Astrologers, I have given my birth chart details below, Ascendant Sagittarius - Jupiter Capricorn - Moon Aquarius - empty Pisces - Venus Aries - Sun + Mercury conjunction Taurus - Rahu Gemini - empty Cancer - empty Leo - empty Virgo - empty Libra - Saturn + Mars Scorpio - Ketu Since I do not know the time of birth I got the above details from nadi jyotish. Astrologer told me I have hamsa yoga, malavya yoga, Astalakshmi yoga, Nipuna yoga. But the truth is, I do not have job. I do not have business. I'm still depending on parents for everything I need. At present Rahu Mahadasha - Venus antardasha is going on for me. Can somebody spend some time to analyse my birth chart and tell me what I should do? Will I get job or should I start my business? Kindly specify the nature of business or industry in which I can succeed. Thanks in advance.
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