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duration of ksy

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ksy does exist....and it mostly true...though many recommend remedies as shanti puja etc...i personaly feel no amount of puja can actually remedy any thing tht u r destined to face...it can probably act like a relief to an extenet but not mitigate the evil.


anywaz...u have vishdhar kaal sarpa yog - this is not tht bad in fact is better than the other types of kaalsarpa yogs.


it indicates u will travel a lot- never fixed to one place for long. problems may arise due to children ...but later half of life will be very peaceful....so u see nothing drastic. just travelling ...and if u a adventurer then gr8. as for problems with children ..other factors can alter it like posiiton of planets in horoscopes of u and ur wife and of course the child's horoscope on its own too.

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respected guru ji

i agree with effects of kay, but i have one intersting question to ask one my cousin who was born 30 minutes ago i e 4:15 is having sheshnaag kal sarp yog he is very rich and there seems no effect .

plz tell what are effects of above and what duration ie upto what year

these yogas have effect.

thanking you

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