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Effect of debiliated Venus

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Dear Gurujis,


What is the effect of debiliated Venus in 12th house from lagne in my chart. Also Venus is with mars which is 2nd and 7th lord.

Also do i have kaalsarp yoga and kemadruma yoga?



Time:05:05 AM



Lagna: Libra - Saturn.

2nd house: Mercury,Jupiter,Ketu,Surya.

8th house: Rahu.

10th house: Moon(pushya nakshatra).

12th house: Veus and mars.


Also i am wearing Neela, will this be good ?




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ur lagna lord venus is in 12th house and that too bebiliated which will give

a lot of struggles in ur life but due to presence of uchha shani in lagna u are extremely nice person who like to do justice(saturn is lord of justice)

but at the same time it will test u spirtually. now regarding venus , venus in 12th house though gives bedtime dreams, enjoyments but being debilitated this may shift u towards wrong diverted side.u should try to control ur pleasures on bed ,since venus also represents wife in male chart

try to get married to a girl after matching her horoscope

to aid some of remedies which can be followed for this condition

1.chant laxmi stotra in brhammahurta especially on fridays

2. do not eat sour (khatti ) things on fridays

3. do not take milk and milk products items after sunset avoid even cheese or chocaltes (this will prevent all malefic affect of venus)

4. buy sony music or any other companies sukra graha stotra .

5.give feed to cows before sunset on fridays(if u continue this during whole life then no effect of debi venus will be there) the effect will be more if u feed roaming helpless cows which are reallly hungary.

6. avoid beddreaming and eating any food item on bed.

7.donate cow which just has given birth to brahmin or poor brahmin

(more effect) at time of ur marriage this will nullify all effcts of debi venus in ur marriage life.

i do not want to disclose all effects of debi venus but if u do above acc to my research u can get excellent results and remmember these effects wont come in single day or week or even year u hav to follow them stickly and only after time( when all evil effects genereted by u in previous birth gets nullified )u will hav positive everlasting results .

god bless u

dhruv jyotish kendra

(tirupati tirumala trust)

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