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Rishivatsyanji,TaipeiJi.Yellow Sapphire recommend for me. Pls analysis my chart

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Hello Guruji,


Before wear yellowsapphire please analysis birth chart based on my details

I would request to you please give your advice for the same.


DOB: 9-September-1977

Time : 08:30:00 AM Morning

Place: Madhubani -Darbhanga(Bihar)



Rima Ranjan

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rima ranjan ji


you should not wear yellow sapphire . jupiters' gem is not good for you..


neelam is good for you and also you can wear emerald as second gem..

minimum carats is 2, the more the better


but before making ring, try and test neelam for few days if it suits you

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I am very confused which gems are favorable for me.


Forum member(Astrologer) also suggested that never wear emerald gem.Please see the below comments


If you wear Emerald, then you will face lot of problems. Especially Finance problems. it will increase the problems of repayment of debts and lot of sufferings..

Please do not ever think to wear Emerald.


Only wear Yellowsapphire throughout the life.


Yellowsapphire (Celone mines) 2 to 4 karrat in the right hand index finger on thursday 5:00pm.

Yellowsapphire should not be from Bangkok mines or heated one.... tell the shop guy that you will do the testing and will come to know whether it is original or not.

It should be Celone mines Yellowsapphire. and NOT Yellow topaz.


Your should never wear Emerald gemstone..




Can you look once again for my chart and give the right solution for me.



Rima Ranjan

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Respected rima.ranjan


What do you want to achieve in life and any specific problem.


Recite mantra for mercury on wednesday----continuos till mercury MD.

Recite saturn stotra on Saturday ----continue for 3 year

worship lord shiva and hanuman ji.


this will definitely help you in more prosperity and peace .


God bless you

Rishi vatsyayan

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rima ranjan ji,


often people get different replies when it comes to gemstones...


as per my opinion jupiter is your 3rd lord and 6th lord and also malefic for your lagna. so its not good to strengthen.so i said not to wear yellow sapphire...


emerald is for mercury..ur 9th and 12th lord.. thats why i said its your second choice ..also u r running mercury dasa.. it your decision..


Neelam is important for you.. so consider it as first choice.. its is overall good for you...

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you were confused and thats why you have started this thread again. if you want you can wear, if you dont want you dont wear it.


If any person pay money and get prediction or remedies, those paid remedies will be more true and powerful than the free responses, because they have paid money.

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Riaz jee,

if it is possible then pls share your idreas which is better for me either Yellow Sapphire or Emerald.

I am aware that you are a senior member of this forum that's why i am looking your advice for the same.




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