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About my son-Really worried

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I am really worried about my son...


His details are


01/02/1981 , 04:50 Am , Kanpur , India..



I dont understand what happened to him...


He doesn't talk to us....


he is very moody....


feel like...he doesn't trust anyone...live alone....doesnt talk to ppl....


his wedding also not getting fixed...


he never shares anything with us .....


worried abot his future ...


even if he get married how long would his marriage last?


Please suggest Astrolgers...How his future would be ?

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Dear aboutson,


Do not underestimate the seriousness of your son's moods and behavior. Please sit down with him and talk to him, it may be difficult in the indian context, but some parents can do it easily.


Just talk to him, ask him what is bothering him, it could be his love-life, career, some health issues. Tell him how much you love him, and that you support him in everything. Do not try to judge him because you find out something that you don't agree with. Everything in life is ever-changing, jobs, careers, money, it all comes and goes, but it's extremely important to have faith in God, and stay calm and composed.


Considering the very high rate of suicide in India among young people, I think we should take these things very seriously. Also, worst case scenario, if you can't talk to him, ask a good friend of his to talk to him. And follow up with full support and unconditional love for your son.


May the Divine help us all.


Om Namah Shivaya!

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Dear Jee,


I am worried about his future...i have been continously trying to talk to him...


wanted to know from astrologers...wthr he will like this for whole life or its just a rugh phase of his life?



Astrologers Please help...



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Dear Aboutson,


I am not an astrologer, so sorry if you find me intruding your thread here. I really think, astrology cannot do much help. After reading through your post, it is very clear things are worse. So you cannot expect your son will change the very next day after doing astrological remedies. It will take time, that too depends on god.


Jee Ji has given valuable suggestions indeed, but it really depends on your son to change. Transformation induced by pressure do not stay long. Your son should change for his own sake.


I understand your feelings about your son. All you can do is to pray to god. Whatever it is, be positive and always be there for your son. Namaste.

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Dear Kshama,


He is unpredective....sometimes he being very good to us...


seems he expect more from the life n he is not getting....


just want to know whether he will have good future or not?


after marriage will he change or not?


does he have bright future ahead or not?


he has tollerated a lot in his childhood ....


he never had good health...always suffred with diseases only....


He is mool nakshtriya...


does it because of being mool nakhtriya?


Please help astrologers...



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