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Can somebody explain to my 13 years old son the reason why vegetarians don't eat eggs? My husband and me are vegetarians for 2 years, but our son has his own opinion on subject "thanks'' to friends, school and grandmother, who aren't vegetarians. Obviously we seem to him very strange.. :crazy2:Thanks!

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Egg cannnot be considered as vegeatarian because it comes from birds and it will develop into the same with time.

If you are vegetarian, you dont eat meat including meat of fish and eggs.

If you eat fish you are pescetarian and if you consume eggs, you are OVOvegetarian(a misleading term) , NOT vegetarian.


I also heard that its birds menstruation

It also comes out from the place where the birds do poop.

There is life inside it which is yet to develop, if not eaten, will develop into bird.





Just for your information ,


Do you know how the birds are treated for POULTRY industry ?


Female chicks are sold to egg producers to begin their careers as 'layers', their beaks and sometimes toes are clipped .


Do you know they even cut their beaks, so that they will not peck, put them narrowly confined in CAGE , this cage environment of egg producing does not permit birds to roam,so they cannot fly,move or even stretch their wings.


And what happens to male chicks?


As male chicks are "worthless "(for egg-type hatcheries) they are collected when hatched and are put in plastic bags where they slowly suffocated to dead :(


Vegetarians dont support poultry. And as a vegetarian, I dont support poultry.







Egg intake diversely affects the body's cholesterol, increases cardiovascular risk in diabetic patients, Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella typhimurium infections due to egg consumptions are major concerns also consumption of eggs has been linked to an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes in both men and women.


Growing number of diabetics IS a health concern

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Why do people celebrate holidays with an outdoor Barbeque?


Is it not an outdoor Barbeque a daily pastime of societies with a primative standard of living?


"Roasting animals on an open flame" --is something survivelists do in the wild.


Seducing women is famously done by starting with slimey seafood products from the sea bed, No? Washed down with fermented nacotic liquors too? Oh yeah!


If you can get a person to commit to eating these things . . . there is no stopping the lust that will ensue.

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Just because people do a barbeque does not mean they are lustfull.

It's part of their culture. In the same way lot of Indians could do it but you never know they might be non-veg. These days you can get soy dogs hot dogs made from soy. One thing you cant just finger that only people who are non-veg are lustfull and bad. I know so many veg people are not that nice.

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