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This is Madan kumar. Form Last one year I and my family are facing problem in terms of money and business

prospects.My father/I were running HOTEL successfully in native place.All family members were happy to this HOTEL business beacause of income was good.Now in these days the Hotel is no more due to incrochment or some political enemies of that place.I want to know my good time when will back and when i will start my business again?


Please suggest which gems will be helpfull for growth my bussiness and some new inovative idea?


Apart from HOTEL which busniess will be favorable and gain good income from that business?


I m really in a big trouble so plz help me out and give guidence or remeddie for my better life.



Madan Kumar

DOB: 27 -09-1980

Time: 06:00AM

Place: Madhubani/Darbhanga


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Hello Madan ji,


I am just a student of astrology and not an expert. I advice you to consult expert astrologer to sort out your problems.


Although I will like to mention few indications in your chart.


Your lagna lord and 10L mercury is strong and is sitting in 2nd house in friend's rashi. Is vargottma and is placed very well. But it is sitting with enemy mars and in nakshatra of mars making it a bit uncomfortable. Your Luck lord and wealth lord is in 11th, a good indication for a prosperous future. Rahu is also in 11H, it's placement is also not bad.


3L and 8L malefic mars is in 2nd house with enemy mercury, lord of education and 6H is in lagna, combusted by the 12 L sun. 10 H is aspected by saturn. 7H is aspected by jup, sat, sun from lagna.


Sun being placed with 2L and 7L may be considered marak planet, and Jupiter in your chart is badhak planet.


Your chart shows that you were average in studies and may have faced some health problems from 1996 to 2002. current dasha of moon is running. moon is lord of profit sitting in 8H which leads to drainiage of your profits from time to time. moon dasha is till 2012. march 2010 onwards you may see your problems easing.


own business related with readymade garments, utensils, shoes can be of help. Hotel/eating joint also can be of help as you are already well versed in this line. Although I advice you to invest with extreme caution during next 8 to nine years and manage your money wisely, (you are already well versed in managing money). Start with a small budget and grow aas you find comfortable. avoid taking fast decisions and learn about the business properly before starting a new business. I advice you to not to indulge in partnerships, you may land in losses.


Can you tell me the date on which you had to close your hotel. also send the birth details of your siblings who may or may not be included in hotel business.


As I am not an expert, I will advice you to contact expert astrologers for remedies


Kind regards


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Hi pradeep,


i am highly thankful for your wishes you sent. My exams are yet to start in last week of july. Was missing the forum and all of you. So just popped up to say hello :)


thanks again


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