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when Will I Get the Job?

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Hi Guruji's


I have been recently recomended to wear Panna of 4carats


opel of 9 carats.


Are these the right gemstone form me.

When Will I Get Married? now a days i when Will I Get the Job? Will I be Rich or Poor?

Will I buy the house? will i do bussines ??? yes or no if yes when and which


DOB 04/aug/1984

Place of birth: kota,rajasthan ,India

Time: 09:50 AM








Please help.

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Dear dishu_69


Panna of 5.25 ratti is enough.(1 ratti=120-122mg)

2.For job applies in Finance/banking/Related with commerce field.

if done Science apply in a chemical field area like medicine/construction/dyeing chemical.or work in area where finance or chemical is related you will get job soon or you can apply to area othe also. like engineering or teaching .

3.Wear a Saturn iron ring(iron for black horse shoe -not very expensive) on right hand middle finger immediately on Saturday.

4. Rich or poor is illogical question .All person is rich in one area or other and poor in other areas of life.


Rest remain cool minded and avoid smoking and drinking at all cost and worship lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. if possible as you are in Rajashan visit Puskar temple of Lord Brahma.


hope this remedies will help you


God bless all


Rishi Vatsyayan

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Hi there,


You have one of the most powerful Jupiter one can ever have. Jupiter is considerd as the most auspicious of all planets. In your horoscope it is sitting in the own house in rashi chart and is exalted in the Navamsa -absolutely Brilliant. Just give your best to all you do in life and you will get all you want.


Plus even the saturn is exalted in rashi chart and then sitting in own house in Navamsa. very beautiful again.


So stop worrying and get going- Sky is the limit. But never forget, Karma is still the MOST IMPORTANT:)


Are you living in your birth place? I think your horoscope suggest success away from your birth place.


Can you share what is your area of specialization?


Regards and best

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