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Om or Hreem

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Dear learned ones,


Once in a temple when I was chanting "Om namah shivaya" , an elderly sadhu walked up to me and told me : " Om is the purusha beeja mantra and Hreem is the stree beeja mantra. So replace Om with Hreem and then chant the panchakshari mantra and donot read the "rudra" without deeksha from a guru".


Is this true? Myself being a woman, should i replace Om with Hreem in all the mantras/shlokas that I chant everyday? Should women not read the devine rudrachamaka?


Could someone please guide me and clear my confusion.




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What the sadhu told you was the belief in his tradition. Sampradhaya as we call it.


There is no need for replacing OM with Hrim. It is wrong.


Om is the Pranava Mantra and Vaidic in origin. Hreem is considered the Tantric equivalent of OM. It is Suddha Bhavaneswari Mantra.


About reciting Rudra again this is from the Vedas. There was a ban on women reciting the Vedas. But this ban did not take into account historical facts like


1. Vak Ambirini and other Vedic Rishis.


2. Rishis like Gargi and Lopamudra.


Gargi was the one who decided finally in the great debate that Yagnavalkya has won.




Lopamudra is the founder of one of the schools of Sri Vidya.




Again it was Ubhaya Bharathi the wife of Mandana Mishra who acted as a Judge in the debate between Adi Sankaracharya and Mandana Mishra.




So this ban on women which came in later is no longer considered valid.


So please continue to recite Rudra.


Sambo Mahadeva !!!

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Sri Kali_upasakaji,


I really appreciate your response and feel happy from within that today's society (or atleast a part of it) is truely accepting women as equals in this field also, which was traditionally dominated my the male members.


Thankyou for clearing my confusion.




Jai Durgema.

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It is possible that he has given this advice to you specifically.

Maybe he saw something you needed.

Hreem enhances confidence and allows a woman to become a powerful woman - a true woman.

It allows for softness and femininity AND divine feminie power as well.

You should feel inside and see if it feels right to you.

I do not think you need to change everything you do, maybe he was trying to give you a boost.

Maybe he told you not to do rudram without initiation because you need to learn to do it properly with all of the mudras.

He did not say do not do rudram, he said do not do rudram without initiation.

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