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Sri Mahalakshmi yantra

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Dear all,


I am in a real confused state of mind. I live with my inlaws with privacy and freedom only in my room (bedroom). A reputed astrologer suggested us to worship Sri Mahalakshmi yantra. And I accepted the suggestion and bought the yantra as we were to relocate to a different city and i had the chance of setting up my own home. but now all has gone upside down and we are not shifting.


Now, i donot know what to do with the yantra. my inlaws will not accept it in the puja room. what should i do with it. should i retain it or dispose it. how should i that? Please help.


my dob: 20/8/1973

time: 13-09

place: bhadravati, karnataka.




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One of the options you have is to keep the Yantra in a shelf or niche in your bed room. Some clean and exclusive place. You can offer worship there as per the suggestions of your astrologer.


If you can not do that, the best way of disposing of any Yantra is to consign it in a river.

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@SSRR ::


Best thing what i would have done ->

I would have installed this Yantra. Did Maha - Mahalakshmi puja on this Yantra & then Visarjan into river.


So you are reaping benefit/ win win suituation at both end.



You surely still can keep yantra(after pooja) with you in your Cupboard's safe.


MahaLakshmi Puja - (Easy & effective)



Step 1 - Pranprathista/installation

Step 2 - Sankalp (Mandatory) (Read my old articles for "how to take sankalp")

Step 3 - Do Tulsi Aarchana on this Yantra for 11 days (Super effective) with names mentioned below


Mix Kumkum & Aakha chawal(full rice) & after every name put one rice grain on that yantra (same 21 days)



108 names of Lakshmi ->

Om Prakrityai Namah

Om Vikrityai Namah

Om Vidyaayai Namah

Om Sarvabhuutahitapradaayai Namah

Om Shraddhaayai Namah

Om Vibhuutyai Namah

Om Surabhyai Namah

Om Paramaatmikaayai Namah

Om Vaache Namah



Om Padmaalayaayai Namah

Om Padmaayai Namah

Om Shuchaye Namah

Om Svaahaayai Namah

Om Svadhaayai Namah

Om Sudhaayai Namah

Om Dhanyaayai Namah

Om Hiranmayyai Namah

Om Laxmyai Namah



Om Nityapushhtaayai Namah

Om Vibhaavaryai Namah

Om Adityai Namah

Om Ditye Namah

Om Diipaayai Namah

Om Vasudhaayai Namah

Om Vasudhaarinyai Namah

Om Kamalaayai Namah

Om Kaantaayai Namah



Om Kaamaaxyai Namah

Om Krodhasambhavaayai Namah

Om Anugrahapradaayai Namah

Om Buddhaye Namah

Om Anaghaayai Namah

Om Harivallabhaayai Namah

Om Ashokaayai Namah

Om Amritaayai Namah

Om Diiptaayai Namah



Om Lokashokavinaashinyai Namah

Om Dharmanilayaayai Namah

Om Karunaayai Namah

Om Lokamaatre Namah

Om Padmapriyaayai Namah

Om Padmahastaayai Namah

Om Padmaaxyai Namah

Om Padmasundaryai Namah

Om Padmodbhavaayai Namah



Om Padmamukhyai Namah

Om Padmanaabhapriyaayai Namah

Om Ramaayai Namah

Om Padmamaalaadharaayai Namah

Om Devyai Namah

Om Padminyai Namah

Om Padmagandhinyai Namah

Om Punyagandhaayai Namah

Om Suprasannaayai Namah



Om Prasaadaabhimukhyai Namah

Om Prabhaayai Namah

Om Chandravadanaayai Namah

Om Chandraayai Namah

Om Chandrasahodaryai Namah

Om Chaturbhujaayai Namah

Om Chandraruupaayai Namah

Om Indiraayai Namah

Om Indushiitalaayai Namah



Om Aahlaadajananyai Namah

Om Pushhtayai Namah

Om Shivaayai Namah

Om Shivakaryai Namah

Om Satyai Namah

Om Vimalaayai Namah

Om Vishvajananyai Namah

Om Tushhtayai Namah

Om Daaridryanaashinyai Namah



Om Priitipushhkarinyai Namah

Om Shaantaayai Namah

Om Shuklamaalyaambaraayai Namah

Om Shriyai Namah

Om Bhaaskaryai Namah

Om Bilvanilayaayai Namah

Om Varaarohaayai Namah

Om Yashasvinyai Namah

Om Vasundharaayai Namah



Om Udaaraa.Ngaayai Namah

Om Harinyai Namah

Om Hemamaalinyai Namah

Om Dhanadhaanyakarye Namah

Om Siddhaye Namah

Om Strainasaumyaayai Namah

Om Shubhapradaaye Namah

Om Nripaveshmagataanandaayai Namah

Om Varalaxmyai Namah



Om Vasupradaayai Namah

Om Shubhaayai Namah

Om Hiranyapraakaaraayai Namah

Om Samudratanayaayai Namah

Om Jayaayai Namah

Om Ma.Ngalaa Devyai Namah

Om Vishhnuvaxassthalasthitaayai Namah

Om Vishhnupatnyai Namah

Om Prasannaaxyai Namah



Om Naaraayanasamaashritaayai Namah

Om Daaridryadhv.Nsinyai Namah

Om Devyai Namah

Om Sarvopadrava Vaarinyai Namah

Om Navadurgaayai Namah

Om Mahaakaalyai Namah

Om Brahmaavishhnushivaatmikaayai Namah

Om Trikaalagyaanasampannaayai Namah

Om Bhuvaneshvaryai Namah





Throwing in river/pond/ocean should be before sunset.



Incase keeping in Cupboards safe, show deepak/scented stick to yantra.



Dhruv Bhura


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