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Pls suggest - Urgent help needed for cancer

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My friend, an oncologist herself fell prey for this deadly diesease and had been operated for removing tumor in her rectum. Now she is suffering the side effects of radiation, chemo and lately her husband, who is a radiologist, found that there are some cells ( unaware of the medical terminology) in her lungs. She was admitted in the hospital for breatlessness (she was told that her hb count was too low).


When I spoke to him, he said that even trying to diagnose what it is (they are suspecting something bad) , is a big problem and she is now, not in a position to face any bad news.


Any alternate medicines or any therapies which we can confidently try on her? Pls kindly suggest.


The rectal cancer was diagnosed when she was carryng a baby in 6 th month as she complained of severe back pain and blood stools.


Now the couple has a one yr old girl and my friend is anticipating a joyful and enjoying life with her daughter (she doesn't know abt the metastes).


Pls anybody could give any alternate therapy or where is it available in India, we would be very grateful

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Go and see a good Ayurvedic doctor.

I watched a documentary on panchakarma and the condition called "cancer" in Ayurveda can apaprently be curd in 6 months...

Sounds very hopeful, but if she is strong, maybe she can recover even after the killing of her body those western doctors did. Because that is what they did..they completely anhiliated her immune system!

Panchakarma treatments quick!


I would also like to add...

daily enemas with a solution called Miracle Mineral Supplement...MMS...can be ordered from the west...

Can cure AIDS, and all kinds of things..malaria in 4 hours...


THis is what I would be doing..


Another option is OZONE insufflations..research OZONE/OXYGEN therapy..it is not O2 but o3 that is used..and when there is high enough amount of oxygen in the system, no mutations, bacterias, viruses or parasites can survive. Our friend had a brain tumor, she listened to us..went and got Ozone therapy, now she is fine!


I can tell you these 3 things I just mentioned could TOTALLY CURE this lady and if I had it..these 3 things are EXACTLY what I would do and I have studied health for years..

I hope she does them!

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Thank you both who responded.


Unfortunately my friend coudn't fight more and gave up 15 days ago leaving her moaning husband & daughter.


Peace be with the soul..pls pray.




Many Thanks


Kind Regards


Himabindu Veena

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