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Obama Kills Fly Got the sucker

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US President swats dead a fly and and says "I got the sucker".


This is an opportunity to chastise Politicians --and instruct them to observe Ekadasi fast.


Please consider advising your local leader of the Populace to observe Ekadasi fasts.


I doubt Roosevelt or Linden Johnson or Saddam Hussien did.


Or should we hide that from them?





"Whatever great men do common men follow . . . " --Bhagavad-gita

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One who is not envious but is a kind friend to all living entities, who does not think himself a proprietor and is free from false ego, who is equal in both happiness and distress, who is tolerant, always satisfied, self-controlled, and engaged in devotional service with determination, his mind and intelligence fixed on Me — such a devotee of Mine is very dear to Me. [bhagavad-gita 12.13-14]

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What I was referring to is the Scriptural injuction that ordains the actions of the LEADER:


[i had presumed & intended that this would be read & understood by readers of my opening post --it was not a presumption I was hoisting upon the unsuspecting reader to think I was stating something I thought was unique & of my own invention]


Bhagavata-purana 4.20.14:


"To give protection to the general mass of people who are citizens of the state is the prescribed occupational duty for a king. By acting in that way, the king in his next life shares one sixth of the result of the pious activities of the citizens. But a king or executive head of state who simply collects taxes from the citizens but does not give them proper protection as human beings has the results of his own pious activities taken away by the citizens, and in exchange for his not giving protection he becomes liable to punishment for the impious activities of his subjects."



So we should attempt to be PIOUS for the sake of our bretheren --especially our leaders.


In this way both the subjects and the king will be happy during this life, and in the next life the king will be able to share one sixth of the pious activities of the citizens. Otherwise, by levying taxes on the sinful citizens, he will have to share the reactions of their sinful activities.


This same principle can be applied to parents and spiritual masters as well. If parents simply give birth to children like cats and dogs but cannot save their children from imminent death, they become responsible for the activities of their animalistic children.

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