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Software_riaz ji - pls advise on gemstone

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Software riaz ji,


I have read your posts here and impressed with your knowledge of gemstones. I was wearing diamond ring between July 2007 to Sept 2008. Since I had a lot of setbacks personally and professionally, I stopped wearing the ring since Sep 2008. Does diamond not agree with me? I do not wear any stones at present.


Please also advise if any gemstone is advisable for me for progress in personal/professional life.


DoB: 21 Aug 1977

Place: Hyderabad, India

Time: 6.26AM


Thanks for your help, sir.

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Dear Friend,


For your chart diamond is not much favouring, Diamond will give you mixed results, out of which sufferings will be more.

After wearing diamond did you face any problems in the Stomach.


you are a women

Diamond will create domestic stress and no peace in your home, will surely damage your wealth and income.

And NO REMEDY can work for venus in the 11th.


You may wear Red coral (moonga gemstone) this will give you sudden rise in career, lot of wealth and fame. (its a Raj Yoga) people will give lot of respect.

Your income will be too good after wearing red coral. you will surely get success in all your undertakings.


but will also give you anger, that you need to control.

and also will make a good relation with opp sex, so you must keep your self off from any kind of involvement. or else you will get defamed.


Only you should wear Red coral in your left hand ring finger. and this will give you all round success.




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Thank you for replying, riaz ji. You are right, wearing diamond did all of the above mentioned. I did not face any stomach problems, thankfully.


Red coral sounds promising, I will do that. It is the stone for Mars, I presume. Thanks again for you time, riaz ji.

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