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  1. Dear Manju ji, I saw your post here and knowing your background from other threads, I wanted to reply again even though I am not an astrologer. Are you still staying in a safe place away from your husband? Has he made any threats to your life? If so, you should immediately seek the help of the police, atleast file a report. I understand that you are still holding on to the marriage, but your life is more important. I understand how tough this phase is. Like I mentioned before, I went through some abuse from my previous marriage and in-laws as well. Please DO NOT give up hope. This is the toughest time of your life, if you give up, you let those who are against you win. Hope you still have your job and are still financially independent. If your husband realises that you are scared, he will only abuse you more. Be strong and when he sees he has no control over you ie., he does not scare you, he will stop. That is the nature of abusers. This is your life. Do not let others control its ultimate destiny. Apologies if this email sounds too preachy, but I just felt the need to reach out to you. I send some prayers to the Almighty for your safety. And pray that He give you the mental strength to get through this testing phase in your life.
  2. I dont have the start/end times. Will try and see what I can find on the internet.
  3. USR ji, Can you pls tell us which birth stars are the eclipsed stars during these eclipses, so that we can do the puja accordingly. Thank you, sir.
  4. http://www.dnaindia.com/scitech/report_does-the-triple-eclipse-forewarn-anything_1267452 http://news.rediff.com/slide-show/2009/jun/22/slide-show-1-three-eclipses-in-a-month.htm Can the esteemed gurus share their view on impact of the triple eclipses from an astrological perspective. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for replying, riaz ji. You are right, wearing diamond did all of the above mentioned. I did not face any stomach problems, thankfully. Red coral sounds promising, I will do that. It is the stone for Mars, I presume. Thanks again for you time, riaz ji.
  6. Software riaz ji, I have read your posts here and impressed with your knowledge of gemstones. I was wearing diamond ring between July 2007 to Sept 2008. Since I had a lot of setbacks personally and professionally, I stopped wearing the ring since Sep 2008. Does diamond not agree with me? I do not wear any stones at present. Please also advise if any gemstone is advisable for me for progress in personal/professional life. DoB: 21 Aug 1977 Place: Hyderabad, India Time: 6.26AM Thanks for your help, sir.
  7. Raviji, Thanks for this analysis - this is the first time that someone has given an astrological explanation to me as to why I lose/quit jobs. Now that I know, I will be more careful and aware of this. I have also sent a reply to your private message. Thanks for taking the time.
  8. Dear webyogi ji, When the native has saturn+ketu in the 9th house, does this person have shrap yoga too?
  9. Hi Srinivas, Pls let me know if you have further thoughts on this subject. Also request other esteemed astrologers to share their thoughts.
  10. Hi Srinivas, Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this subject. I have been getting mixed messages from different astrologers on the effect of this combination. I am running saturn MD and jupiter AD. My problems on personal and professional front started around the start of jupiter AD (end of Rahu AD) last year, which has got me curious. My details for further analysis are: DoB: 21 Aug 1977 Time: 6.26 AM Place: Hyderabad Regarding your questions: 1. I have an elder sister. We were very close as children and still love and care for each other immensely, but are not very close. I am much more closer to some of my girl friends. Even now, when I am going through probably the toughest time in my life, I dont share my thoughts/feelings with her. 2. You are absolutely right, I am facing a really low point in my professional life. I have been out of work for ~10 months now. I have a great educational background, probably the effect of my strong Sun+Mercury in lagna. But, I think also bcos of Moon that is weak in my chart, I do not deal very well mentally with failure and setbacks. I have since 2000 had three major setbacks in my career (breaks in my career. I have bounced back from the last 2 to climb greater heights, but am worried that I might not come out of this one successfully. Infact, nowadays I dont even feel like looking for a job - my family is shocked by this, bcos I have always been a gogetter, hard-worker and am highly qualified. Also, with a strong 9th lord in 10th, Mars, I have been told that my career should be fairly successful. I apologise if this is a lot of information. But, I thought that it was interesting that you brought up these 2 points. If you and other esteemed astrologers have any more thoughts or questions to share, I would welcome that. Thanks again for your time.
  11. I read that jupiter and venus together in a house for leo lagna is considered inauspicious. That it infact causes destruction of other yogas in the chart. Is this true? Have any of the esteemed astrologers/learners encountered such a combination in their wide experience? Please share. I have jupiter+venus together in 11th house of Gemini (leo lagna) and am therefore curious...
  12. Thank you, webyogiji. I will do remedies suggested.
  13. Could someone help answering this question?
  14. What would be the impact of sade saathi for me? This is my second sade saathi cycle. Will that do more harm?
  15. Thank you for your analysis, Raviji. Once my Saturn PD passes in June 2009 and Budh PD comes, will my prospects for getting a job improve? I am not fussy about where I get a job - India or abroad. It is just that I need to keep myself busy at this point. Also, will Budh dasa in general be good for my career? Throughout my Shani dasa, I have had multiple breaks in my career. Thank you.
  16. I got married in December 2007, but my husband filed for divorced last year. I also lost my job and visa last year. I am looking for a job right now, but they dont seem to go anywhere after the initial interview. Can you please tell me (1) whether and when I will be able to get a job. (2) whether I will get married again and have a personal life? (3) I am also worried that my life is already quite bad, what will happen when I start my sade saathi in September 2009, since my Shani placement in horoscope is not favorable. (I am also running Shani MD until 2011). How much worse will things get? I feel like I have lost everything that I had in the last 12 months. The positive thing in my life has been that I have become more spiritual since last year (possibly with the start of Jupiter AD). DoB: 21 Aug 1977 Place: Hyderabad, India Time: 6:26 AM Thank you, sirs.
  17. Manju, I am glad that you are moving to a friend's place for a few days. Remember, God never gives you a problem that you and He cannot solve by working together. So, you will overcome this too with His help and emerge a stronger person.
  18. Dear Manju, The first thing to do is not panic. I am not an astrologer, but I have been in an mentally abusive marriage too not so long ago. So, I understand exactly where you are. CALM DOWN. Take 5 minutes and pray to God to give you strength. I agree with Medical Astrology. You need to think of your physical and mental safety FIRST. If you have a friend, relative or parents place that you can go to for a few days, please do so after informing your father-in-law. When you are in the midst of being mentally abused in marriage, all you can think of is (a) you are being made to beleive by your husband that you are weak. YOU ARE NOT. That is why you need to go to safe place right now. In a stable place, you will recover your mental strength. You seem financially independent already, which is great (b) you feel you need to save the marriage at any cost. Dont put that pressure on yourself now. It will happen if God thinks it is the right thing for you. Also, once you are calmer, I am sure the esteemed astrologers in this forum will guide you. Again, I appeal that you calm down and get to a safe place at the earliest. My prayers that God be with you.
  19. Sorry to hear about your troubles, vbv. I have saturn (7th lord) in 12th house (cancer) in my horoscope as well. I suffered mental abuse from my in-laws and my husband under advice from them got an ex-parte divorce when I was visiting my ailing father in India. One astrologer I consulted told me that this was due to saturn's position in horoscope. I wanted to share this not to scare you, but because I thought it was interesting that you have the same placement and related problem. My good wishes to you for a speedy reconciliation with your wife and child. I wanted to share with you something that has given me great mental peace in the last few months - reading the sundarakandam from ramayana. If you have the time, please do so as well.
  20. I do not have any kids. Kindly also advice on best place to pursue career (India or abroad) as per my chart. I have masters education from the US.
  21. Namaskar, I had shared my marriage woes in this forum a while back. Even though I never signed any divorce papers and did not agree to a divorce, my (soon-to-be) ex-husband is going ahead and getting a ex-parte divorce in the US next week. Most astrologers said (and amazingly, still continue to say!) that there is no divorce per my horoscope!! Anyway, I am trying to move on with my life and want to know: 1. Is there possibility of remarriage per my horoscope. Is it advisable for me to go in for a second marriage (even if not immediately) or is it better per my horoscope to stay single. 2. Career wise - is it generally better for me to be in India or should I try for job overseas? 3. Someone said to me that since as per Hinduism there is no divorce, even if I get remarried, my fortunes (good or bad) will be continued to influenced partly by my ex-husband's horoscope. This seems far fetched. But, the only reason I am worried is that my professional and personal life has been miserable (lost my job, my father is ill etc.) since I married my ex-husband. It would be great if the esteemed gurus in this forum enlighten me about their view on this topic. DoB: 21 August, 1977 Time:6.26AM Place: Hyderabad Thank you
  22. Monica: I guess you want to start a new thread to post your questions? If so, there is a button 'new thread' on top of the page which shows all questions. ie. the main vedic astrology (jyotisha) page. Hope this helps. getanshere: Sorry to hear that you are in a similar situation. Thank you for your kind words, I hope good things happen in your life too going forward.
  23. Monica: Thank you for these remedies. I will continue to try hard to get a job.
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