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Exalted Venus in 6th house. How is the venus dasha going to be like

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Thank you USR for replying back. Gender - Male. He has no issues. I was wondering from the learning point of view, how is the venus-venus dasha going to be for the native or anything important that you see in his horoscope. Father passed away when the native was an year old.

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Dear Ashi,

You didn't give any additional info except

"He has no issues"-do you mean he has no problems or no children.

If he has no issues, mean he is still a bachelor.

Venus is lagna lord as well as 8th lord. It is exalted and also vargottamam.It is placed in 6th gives rise to vipareet rajayoga and his period gives him happiness which he remembers in his life time.

He gets tempted towards comforts , beautiful items and girls.

Antardasa of Rahu (8-6) is a bit testing period and little bit expensive / loss during Ravi and Budha (1-12) AD.

His Shani sadesathi ends by 10-9-2009.

Shani combined with Chandra in Karkataka delays his marriage.(a delayed marriage).

If he is not yet married he gets married during Sukra dasa.

Exalted Mars in 4th aspecting moon and saturn ,he may differ with his mother.But, gains a lot in lands,civil works and buildings.Best suited for contract works.



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The native has exalted venus in 6th house.

Exchange of lords between 6th and 8th house.


Can someone please predict how is venus-venus dasha (between Sept.'2009 to Dec.'2012) going to be like.



Thank you,


I cast his chart and found that his venus-Venus to be a period where he would have some gains from unexpected sources and his career may stabilise being disposed in 6th which is 9th from 10th.Also the exchange between 6th and 8th lords confers Vipareetha raja yoga which would manifest during the subperiod of Jupiter

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