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Maha Vishnu

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ask any indian and he will tell u about Lord Vishnu. He is the true master of the universe and he is one among the trinity of gods Brahma,Vishnu and Maheswara. Brahma is reponsible for creation of the living beings where as Vishnu is responsible for the maintainance of living beings. Rudra is resposnible for destruction or death of living beings. Lord vishnu is an unbelievable power and he is the creator of universe. If u want to know all the things about Vishnu buy a copy of Vishnu puraan. There are several manthraas for doing his worship like Vishnu sahasthranaama, Purushasooktham, Vishnu sthuthi, Maadhwa sandhyaa vandhanam etc. These manthraas are available in market and u can buy them and start chanting them. There are many advanced prayers which u need not bother now.






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