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6-8 relation OR aspects,which one to consider?

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Pranam to all,

As a genaral thought.

When the malefic planets like shani,rahu or kuja planets aspects directly their 5th,7th,9th,10 or 12th..etc., house based on their Character of aspects ,which contains benefic planets. Then we are Predicting like, since the malefic planet aspect the house you are getting bad result in that period like that.

Suppose the same Benefic planet is placed 8th,or 6th etc., without the direct aspect from those malefic grahas, Then still we are predicting like 6-8,8-6 relation like that.


For example, some say rahu as aspect on 3,5,9,12 houses like that. so if a planet placed in that house will get aspect from rahu and bad result. Suppose if the planet gets placed in 8th or 6th means then also It is said like 8-6,6-8 relation and bad result.


if this is so, then however wherever the planet is placed, It is going to effect the person.

need clarification on this...


Thank you



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Dear Rajan,


Good question,


Whenever a benefic planet is placed in 6-8 houses from a malefic planet, then during the mahadasha of either of them the other's bhukti ie antar-dasha will have give negative results or delay results, ultimately making success a difficult to attain for the native.


Same goes for the aspect scenario form 6-8 etc.


But before prediting the outcome, one must look at the funcational relationship of the planets as per the ascendant in question. Planets strength must be judged with the bala charts etc.





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