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Bhakoot dosha is about the relationship between the boy's moon sign (Rasi)and girl's moon sign.For example if boy's rasi is 2nd to the girl it gives this dosha resulting in loss of wealth due to their marriage.

Some exceptions exist and some remedies can be found .

It is one point in matching the horoscopes.

Matches are generally rejected if this dosha is found without exploring the exceptions and remedies.

It is time consuming process.


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Thakyou for replying Sanjeevji,

Want some clarifications. Are Bhakoot and bhrikut dosh same? If this dosh is found in boys kundli and boy's moon sign(scorpio) and girl's moon sign( aries) are compatible, then can the dosh be nullified or will it have the same effect or effect reduces?

Please do reply.

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Dear Laika,

I am unable to understand what do you mean by "bhrikut dosh". Can you explain what you understand by this and where did you get this term. With what reference you are asking pl let me know.

This bhakoot or bhakut dosh is seen between the natal charts of boy and girl for moon rasi compatibility. So, only boy or girl charts are not studied in isolation.

In your case ,Girl's rasi is Mesha and boy's rasi is Vrischika the match need not be rejected due to the two agreements.

1.Lord of both the houses is same ie Kuja.

2.Girl's moon sign is odd and boy's moon sign is even.

The match is acceptable if other points are favourable.

Better Puja to Mangal is done before marriage by girl and boy.

With best wishes,


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