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Retrograde Venus is 7th house

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Dear All,


This boy has retrograde Venus in the 7th house and he has been told that he is divorced at present due to this, can any one please shed some light on this subject of retrograde Venus in the 7th house? Thanks


DOB: 7/5/1978

TOB: 20:30 pm

POB: Dholka (Gujarat state)


Planet Rashi Degree Nakshatra


Lagna Scorpio 11:40:35 Anuradha-3

Surya Aries 23:08:00 Bharani-3

Chandra Aries 28:00:15 Krutika-1

Mangal Cancer 17:24:15 Aashlesha-1

Budh Pisces 27:01:16 Revati-4

Guru Gemini 10:41:37 Aadra-2

Shukra Taurus 18:58:23 Rohini-3

Shani Leo 00:13:22 Magha-1

Rahu Virgo 10:17:53 Hast-1

Ketu Pisces 10:17:52 Uttarabhadrapad-3



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Dear Ravi ji


Going by UL method 2nd from UL is looked for will the marriage sustain or not in this case 2nd from UL is Makar its lord placed in shimha not good mars the lagna lord aspecting 2nd from UL is neecha angain rahu too is having its 5th dristi here there is no benific dristi to 2nd from UL


Shukra is in 7th by rule karaka naso bhava can be also be possible but it has shani 10th dristi so i dont think shukra in 7th broke the marriage


This may be possible reason for divorce or seperation





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