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1. What are the results if the nodes are returning to their exalted or mooltrikona natal positions? Does it still make them as malefic?

If the natal axis is not involved in close afflictions and is in the good houses, it may not hurt.

2. Which nodes do we use, Mean or True?

We use True Nodes under System's Approach.

3. What will be the level of the affliction if a planet is caught up in the nodes as opposed to being afflicted by either Rahu or Ketu only?

The affliction is just double. That means the results of the sub periods of the planet involved, Rahu and Ketu all will be causing suffering. In case only Rahu or Ketu are afflicting then the sub periods involved would be of the planet and Rahu or Ketu.

4. Are Rahu/Ketu always the same strength or can they be weak or strong?

They always have strength to cause harm and they are more harmful when badly placed or in close conjunction with other functional malefic planets.

5. Are the aspects of Rahu from the malefic houses are more malefic than from other houses?

Yes, as the malefic nature of the concerned house is added.

6. Are Rahu and Ketu weak when debilitated?

When in their signs of debilitation, Rahu and Ketu are more harmful.

7. Do Rahu and Ketu become weak when combust?

It is the Sun, who is harmed in the close conjunction. Rahu and Ketu do not suffer from combustion.

8. How does the dispositor of Rahu/Ketu affect them?

If dispositor is strong, Rahu/Ketu are placed in benefic houses and do not cause any natal close afflictions, then sometimes Rahu/Ketu give short lived material success.

9. Are they affected by being in the dusthana (malefic) houses?

Yes, they become more harmful.

10. Would the tendency of Rahu and Ketu to afflict reduce if they are weak due to debilitation, or age? Or do these also become more malefic when in weak position.

Rahu and Ketu, who are treated as functional malefic planets in most of the cases under SA, become more malefic when they are in their signs of debilitation.

11. For a weak Rahu and Ketu, what are their natural significations that they would not be able to protect as they do not own a house?

Nothing, except manipulations not giving any results.

12. What is the extent to which Rahu is colored by the house it is in, or the planet it is with, whether in a five degrees conjunction or a wider one?

If Rahu is in a malefic house, the maleficness is added to its general impact but when it is in a good house, maleficness is less.

13. Does the malefic nature or Rahu and Ketu persist even in old age or infancy?


14. Ketu is supposed to be the liberator or moksha karaka?

That is one belief. But certainly it is karaka for miseries, as well, which ultimately turns the native to faith, spirituality and God.

15. Will a person with a weak Ketu would be stuck in this world of materialism? Would that not be materially good for the person, while bad in the sense of what the sages meant for the ultimate destiny of a soul?

In Kaliyuga for liberation leaving materialism is not compulsory. Those leading a life of honesty and doing their duty to their family, society and humanity as a whole do get mental peace leading to the ultimate liberation. This is my belief based on my experience and my readings of ancient literature.

16. Can you explain the reasons why an individual never finds the work to lead to desired results for the house, which is occupied by Ketu in the natal chart and why it always remains a void?

It is not correct. The results of Ketu depend upon the strength of its lord if it is in a moolatrikona sign and the level of affliction being caused by Ketu. For example, Ketu is in the third house of Prof , which rules younger brothers, (he has three), it rules courage (he has much more than the average person) communicative skills (for others to judge), writing capabilities (he has written twelve successful books) and hundreds of articles for various magazines.

17. Does transit Rahu over natal Ketu and transit Ketu over natal Rahu cancel each other out, or add an extra malefic nature, especially in twelfth and sixth house most effective points?

This transit adds an extra malefic influence and it is a difficult time.

18. What kind of credence do you give to the idea of the nodes being about the past and future of the soul's growth?

We consider that less the number of afflictions in the chart, the advance the person is on the soul's journey. This is true for the nodal afflictions in the chart, too.

19. Can you explain the aspects of Rahu to the ascendant lord for Aquarius (Saturn) and Libra (Venus) ascendants?

This will depend on the house and strength of the dispositor of Rahu besides the operational planetary period and transit influence.

Source your astrologer net

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