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I had a request to analyse my horoscope. not just for Amateur, but also for


USRji, Software_riaz, RamBhakt, Veno and others who are offering wonderful explanations here on this forum and not scaring people about life.


I have had many gifts given to me by God but have not made good use of them. my dakshina is a heartfelt thanks.


DOB 1.6.1975




I need guidance from career (self employed or should i work for others? - i was in high positions but take risk and start companies with short term loss of wealth an prosperity), marriage - how and when i should approach this (suitable period as all attempts so far have failed) and long term service (can i do social work or politics after a certain age). I want to improve my bhakthi not just for asking desires but truly focus on Sri Rama


greatly thankful for your insights.

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Dear Sanjaya


I am a learner and tried having a look at your horoscope. if you don't mind I'd like to share what I could understand within the realms of my limited knowledge.


Your 10th house of job and career has saturn sitting there and aspected by malefic Mars. Also you are running Saturn mahadasha. Saturn in 10th house usually supports self-employment well.


I would advice you to read Hanuman Chalisa every day sply on tuesdays and saturdays not only to help saturn give favourable results but also to propitiate the negative effects of mars. Keep fast on tuesday if possible.


This will further help you in matrimony matters as Mars as a strong malefic for you is sitting in 7th house of marriage (this makes you mangalik) aspected by saturn. saturn's aspect on 7th house leads to delay in marriage. Saturn aspects the 7H from moon lagna as well.


You are currently running saturn mahadasha and mercury antardasha. Mercury as lagna lord and 10th house lord is sitting well in 9th house of fortune, though afflicted by 12 th lord Sun and the nodes. In order to help it to give favourable results, you can worship lord Vishnu on wednesdays.


I wish the learned members here will correct me wherever necessary.


Best and regards

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