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Please help me: long term constipation and migraine turned into numbess

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i am having constipation since i was 14. Now i'm 22, male. the long standing constipation had given rise to intense migraine or headache which makes me feel as if my head is going to burst, very irritable, unable to focus on one thing at a time, lack of concentration in studies or even watching tv or reading for leisure. I am sure the migraine was due to constipation because whenever i passed stools, my headache would reduce. Now the headache has turned into numbness: the top of my head, my temples and my chin bone and cheek bones have gone very numb, my forehead has shrunk: its become smaller(in height). Infact my whole face is shrunk and i look as if starved. my eyesight has gotten weaker. my face overall has gotten smaller and pale. I have already tried(after prescription) : triphala. although it used to work before, it hardly makes any difference to my problem. i have great problem eating: i take about one hour to have my lunch. The problem is not appetite( i have quite a huge appetite) but because of constipation and the toxicity(or "ama") and phlegm(congestion in chest, throat, head) that it induces, the difficulty in eating arises. Nowadays, i am even losing my sense of taste and smell. My jaws , chin are getting stiffer and moer numb.


I would describe my problem as a wild aggravation of vata. i worry excessively, about my future, my health. i am very imaginative. I am always restless and my mind is occupied with some thought or the other. The problem has now gotten so much worse that i can no longer stand living with my parents. I cant even adjust and live with my own family, which is why, after some very excruciating debate, have finally moved out and now i am staying alone. my vata aggravates like mad especially when i am staying people. I cant relax when i am with people, i keep talking some useless thing with people( my classmates or my family) just to fill the horrible restlessness and discomfort(of people). I keep thinking about many things , various things like my hobbies and my interests and am deeply influenced by them . For example, football fascinates me, so does world mythology and i get lost thinking about their glory or visualizing a how a great goal(football) was constructed / how the wrath of one god led to chaos in some kind of heaven or something etc etc.


I am also an avid gamer, I get lost playing computer games and am quite addicted to them. Its like i cant control myself. I am unable to calm myself down. The excitement that games along with music gets you is excessively addictive.


I weigh 78 kg and my height is 5'9 and half earlier it was 5'11. my height has gotten smaller because my legs have kind of shrunken and they dont have any strength(they feel non-existent and numb). Maybe if my problem is solved i can regenerate muscle and protein. My eyes have shrunken too.


My problems are severely affecting my studies and my career which inturn is making me more worried and anxious.

I specify my past medical history: gastric ulcer when 17, hernia operation when 20, mild hepatomegaly when 18, irritable bowel syndrome medications did not help, jaundice when 20(six months before i got hernia surgery) and i also took psychotropic meds(allopathy) when i was 18(for about a year) due to which the problems like bloating, gas, dyspepsia only got worse and i put on about 20 kgs( from 57 to 76).


My problems can be better understood if an ayurvedic medical astrologer ever reads my post. I will try to describe my constitution: i am basically kapha with secondary as pitta. I have a healthy appetite despite of my problems but i cant fulfil my appetite due to eating problems. my problems are worse in the morning so i am awake due to my explosive headache at around 6 am. My sleep is very bad and i have trouble falling asleep. My vata is extremely wild and unbalanced and i get addicted to one thing and i never stop doing it. I have difficulty sleeping mostly because of the constipation and restlessness. I am very uncomfortable trusting people and even generally fail to adapt and adjust myself to being/ staying with them. I also have great difficulty meditating since some exciting or worrying thought comes and disrupts any calm that i may have created.


Its very rare that i am in such a mood today to be writing this thread, usually my mind is so foggy that i am unable to focus even on describing my problems, but today i am glad that i able to write it down. i hope some experienced ayurvedic doctor helps me. Any suggestions on anything by others , i welcome. I request that the prescriptions be simple ( only one or atmost 2 medications, initially). I say this, because i dont think i can take several medications at once, because a drastic change for one day will have a big effect on me that maybe either my mind or my body may not be able to handle. Medical astrologers can let me notify if they want to know my details.


Thank you .

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1.Eat fully riped soft PAPAYA fruit every day

2.Do 3 minites each of the following asanas






3.Take 2 triphal tablets of Dbur/Zandu make after dinner with plain water


With in few hoursyou will get rid of the problem

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