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My husband has started new business since Nov07 but we are not getting any profit out of it. He was even struggling in job? His details are -


DOB - 25th May 1975

Birth Time - 4.20 am

Birth Place - Chapra Bihar


My details - 27th May 1981

Birth Time - 2.42 pm

Birth place - Pune


What can we do so our economic position will become stable? Even i am

doing job and business together. Pls help

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Please ask your husband to wear a Diamond, or he may also wear White color American diamond. you will get this american diamond only for 100 or 150 rupees.

Right Hand middle finger in silver ring on friday.

He may also wear Blue sapphire neelam, which is the lord of Labha (buisness house). but please try for 1 week before final wearing.

Things will be good after that.




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Dear SujataChandra,


You may ask your husband to wear Neelam in the left hand middle finger.

2 Karat saturday midnight. in silver ring.

There will be 2 kinds of quality. one will be mayuri neelam and 2nd one will be Indra neelam


Mayuri neelam will be Dark Blue in color (More Effective)

This Neelam you will get it for 200 rs to max 400rs.


Indra neelam will be sky blue and almost very transperant (effects wont be like Mayuri)

Its very expensive 1 kaat would cost you around 2 thousand to 4 thousand.

Its better to go for Mayuri Neelam. (Dark Blue Color)


Please test it befor final wearing.

after buying the stone, ask your husband to put the stone on right hand middle finger and band it with the Tranperant tape. and keep it for 2 days and see.

if he is feeling uneasy while sleeping or some kind of fear feelings then please remove it immediately.


He may wear American diamond 4 to 5 karrat in the right hand middle finger and Blue sapphire in the Left hand middle finger.

Both the stone in silver ring.




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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




dear shmt.sujatachandra


i looked inot your husbands chart. the business was started in rahu/ketu

/moon's period. Moon is placed in 8th house and is neecha. Moreover

this moon is placed in 8th house of great difficulties in the varga chart

called dasamasa , the one to be seen for profession.


right now he is running rahu/venus who are placed 6/8, which is not good.


in his chart the bhagya lord jupiter is placed in 12 along with mars and

aspected by rahu and saturn. This calls for an immediate worship of SHIVA.

tomorrow, between 1630 hrs and 1800 hrs , pradosha , an auspicious time

to worship Lord Shiva is there. Utilise this opportunity and ask him to go

to a shiva temple and be there during this time chanting the naama of



"om namashivaaya"


this chanting has to be observed on a regular basis daily after taking bath

and lighting a lamp. He must chant atleast 108 times daily. Bargaining with

the lord is not welcome.


may mother bless all



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Shree Sekaran Ji! Thanks, I am a great follower of lord Shiva and he has saved us many times. For sure we will follow your advice.


My husband is very intelligent but he has to struggle very hard. What do you think, when the business will pick up its full speed. I am thinking to leave my job and join him to help, will this be good???


As i told you i am also doing some business along with my Job, will my business pick up? Kindly guide us.

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Dear SuhataChandra,


Please remove Pukhraj, this wont give you much result. it is a Marakesh for you.


Please wear Panna (Green Emerald) its making a very very Good Bhadra Yoga and also Dhana Yoga...


Also your Venus Shukra, exchage of 2nd and 9th house makes a very good Raja Yoga and Dhana Yoga, it is the most benefic planet, shukra will give you lot of wealth and help you in acquiring properties...


Wear Green Emerald on your left hand small finger in Gold on Wednesday 04:00PM.... you will see lot of changes...

Also put two small 11 cents diamond on the side of the Emerald (Panna) ring...

11 cents diamond would cost you 3000rs to 3300rs only.


Please do not wear Pukhraj along with Panna+Diamond.. both are enemies and if you wear then you will have to face lot of problems..



Mohammad Riaz

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