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Twelfth house and reincarnation

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Twelfth house is considered in Vedic astrology to be the door to next birth. Malefics for the lagna , Saturn, rahu and Ketu when placed in this house prevent the soul to enter this door and cause liberation or moksha.


It is not restricted to rahu and ketu to give moksha to soul but Saturn and Malefics for the lagna could also give liberation to the soul.


I hope there would be many to argue with this.

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Yes, I have also read somewhere about this moksha and interestingly enough my own birth chart has Ketu in the 12th house. Here are my birth details for anyone wanting to share his/her knowledge on this topic


DOB = 21st Sept, 1977

TOB = 20:40 pm

POB = Bhuj city, Gujarat State





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dear all,

I am kannan. I want to know about my future and about moksha. I gave my details below. can anyone say abt my future.



DoB: 06-06-1986.

time: 5:50:00 am

Lagna and planetary positions:


Rashi : TAURUS

Lagna : TAURUS


1st house: (lagna): sun and moon.

2nd house: mercury and venus.

6th house: ketu.

7th house: saturn.

9th house:mars.

10th house:jupiter.

12th house: rahu.

I request any one to clarify my following doubts(especially)


When will i get marraige?

Will i get a lovable wife?

Will i get moksha after my death?

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