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  1. Thanks for the reply. But Rahu is placed in lagna not in 12th house, i request you to check it out.
  2. Im going through a period of very unstable career. I request the astrologers here to look into my chart and predict when my career would stabilize. My details:22nd May,1983,9.15am, Chennai, india
  3. This a very good thread. Love is that one thing that connects you to God. What God expects from humans is love. God would be with every person who shows love to others.
  4. This also looks funny.You are comparing 'cancer' with 'cough'. The main cause of most of the problems in this country is due to different Hindu Mythologies and discrimination by language. Hinduism is followed differently in different states in India with no uniqueness. Racism in west is viewed differently but in India racism is a result of different Hindu mythologies. It would be more dirt if you dig deep.
  5. This is the funniest post and i cant stop my self laughing. In India there are more dirt than anywhere else. Corruption, Poverty, Child Labor, No.1 in AIDS, Unhealthy food as a result of lethal capitalism, unemployment, starvation of the good, harm to women,lack of good drinking water, Priests indulged in wrong things, workers given low wages, Good food only for the rich- this don't happen in the western world,caste discrimination and the list goes on............................. This is what should be respected and admirable?
  6. You are the only enlightened person here. Its for the love the world lives and its for the love the universe is made of.
  7. Ayyavazhi mythology is a mythology of south India. It describes the evil (Kali) in detail and some of the facts seen about the evil are really good. In this mythology Mayon(Vishnu) is regarded as the foremost God. This mythology throws light on incarnations by God. Do anyone know about this mythology? See the link for ref:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayyavazhi_mythology#Mayon_.E2.80.94_on_the_identity_of_his_people
  8. I meant that Jesus had the pictorial identity of Humans and lived the life of humans unlike other Gods with 5 hands, 6 legs, 8 heads, blue colored, half snake and half human. The people who carried out this research should also be advised to carry out research on these Gods.
  9. We don't have any evidences supporting the existence of Krishna, Rama and now there is a claim about Jesus existence. One thing that might support Jesus is no myth is that he is portrayed as an human unlike other Gods which may be different.
  10. Why do you have different opinions? Does it mean that you don't have the clear knowledge of God? Hinduism also portrays God to be in every living things. He is not an 'alien' as you are saying.
  11. If you look back the thread you would know who had started this. You are the person who don't have any virtue and any respect for others. Simply with your blind eyes don't call others IGNORANT.
  12. The truth one should know is " adharma would be defeated by dharma" If you really believe that adharma would be defeated by dharma then it should happen very soon, may be by 2012 or by 2010 or by 2011.
  13. Virtuous, should be able to realize the truth, the feeling of loneliness and sadness, give equal respect and never quarrel. When you reach the stage you would be detached from the world.
  14. Thanks a lot i changed my error. I like your reasoning ability. You should come forward with your views about Lemuria, its existence and its destruction. You should always use your ability to reason for good things.
  15. Light refers to Knowledge and Knowledge is the power of every souls that distinguishes them. Knowledge takes you closer to God and Ignorance( darkness) prevents you from getting close to God.
  16. The thread is not against spirituality by any means or to proclaim intelligence over others. There is a lot of differences within spirituality. I'm trying to help out people who are knocking the doors of darkness for light. Ignorance would always lead you to darkness. I'm happy to be a cat than a human being and i cease it here.
  17. The existence of Vanara kingdom in Ramayana clearly states that Ramayana should have happened during the period when Lemuria existed. Humans like us do not have the physical strength to take control of these creatures(Vanaras) which were described to be very much stronger and larger. So the lord (rama) should be incarnated into the body of a species which should be larger in size and stronger than the human beings. These species should have possesed mystic force or great armoury or plutonium or machine guns to have control over these creatures. "God has no forms" He is a Human, a ape and also the non living. Lemuria's existence was proved in south indian literature which is 2000 years old, about a massive land mass covering the bulk of Indian Ocean. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumari_Kandam one cannot argue with literature as there was no need for the writer to lie. Lemuria was supposed to have submerged 25,000 years ago and the civilisaton that thrived were well civilized than the modern day humans. The same should be the case with the modern day humans were the kali yuga seem to have peaked. There is an significant rise in the volume of earth quakes that are happening in the globe, Global warming pose a great threat to the progression of Human beings,flu pandemic has been declared, Global economy shattered. If one thinks what's happening around is an illusion then he would enter the black hole for his ignorance. Mayans had the psychic gift to see the future. No one else in this world could see the future like the Mayans did, they were great astrologers and loved by God, so their existence was ceased. No one can tell the world could come to an end by 2012 or move to 2013. This not a threat but the reasons for the end to be close over weigh the renewal of this world. Great civilizations has ended so fast, that's what history, gita teaches you. The human civilization is no greater civilization than the civilization of the past and its end is very close.
  18. Is there an evidence to what you are saying and believing? Come on! Bring them on! Its hard to make Ignorant people know the truth. To know the truth you need to break your superficial beliefs from your mind to get towards it. Come forward! Its easy to know the truth but it is harder to make absurd believers to get towards the truth. Let the power of light bless upon these dark minds.
  19. One attains great knowledge not by just nodding to what one says but by doing research on what he is saying. It just fits well to you. In Ramayana, there is a mention of the Kingdom of Vanara, i would be happy if someone throws light into it. If someone could tell more about the Kingdom? How large was it? and did it dominated the so called Homo sapiens who were supposed to have lived there! or there was a species parallel to Homo sapiens at the time of Ramayana. The depiction of Ravana in Ramayana as several headed person and qualities to fly does not match with the modern day humans. These are a beginner's Questioning abilities to know truth. You don't have a single evidence to support your view and you have this ability to argue with no truth. This makes you look like an IGNORANT person even below animals:eek3:
  20. http://www.stephen-knapp.com/lord_rama_fact_or_fiction.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human This might bring light into the world of ignorance.
  21. Homo sapiens came into existence only by 200000 years ago , and Ramayana was sought to have happened millions of years ago. If you could say clearly that Rama did belong to the species Homo sapiens?
  22. With an IGNORANT person like you, I'm happy to be an animal at the least i can survive of my own but you cant when you are left alone in a island.
  23. You are very much ignorant with your life. You cant live in this world with what sun gives and rain gives. You need money to enjoy what sun gives, rain gives and nature gives. If you don't know this simple fact you should be really called ignorant. If God really created the humans then it is his responsibility to provide food and water to them. I have a pet with me and i cant see it starve a single day. If God is really good why did he create the humans to suffer everyday to live and punish them later for being ignorant of not calling his name. I'm not talking about millions of people who starve 3 time a week, im talking about the millions of working bees in India, China, Thailand and even in western countries who work round the clock to get a unhygienic, unhealthy food. why did God punish these workers for? For not calling his name? or karma of these millions? or for not fighting for food?
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