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Atmakaraka Rahu help needed!

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dear sylvester,


rahu in Gemini lagna conjunct Venus- please answer following questions.

whats your view on opposite sex.

Do u like like to give them the equal support

view on marriage and do u have some doubt on them looking their movement in society

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Thanks for the reply


yeah! I dont see them equal, and i also see that marriages dont make much sense. Im an astrologer too but i dont get well with this conjunction, i would be glad if you could share some knowledge here


Thank you very much

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Atmakaraka Rahu indicates usually indicates a person who is highly spiritual or is a highly criminal. Such persons are capable of defrauding or cheating somebody and also be cheated / defrauded by others.

Most great saints have Rahu atmakaraka


Here Rahu and Venus are quite removed from each other - so there is a very minor influence of Rahu on Venus;



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Rahu and Venus are removed from each other? Rahu is not a planet and it has the power to eclipse all the planets that are placed within its axis. what would be the effect of rahu's mahadasha when it is a atmakaraka?

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dear all,

I am kannan. I want to know about my future and about moksha. I gave my details below. can anyone say abt my future.



DoB: 06-06-1986.

time: 5:50:00 am

Lagna and planetary positions:


Rashi : TAURUS

Lagna : TAURUS


1st house: (lagna): sun and moon.

2nd house: mercury and venus.

6th house: ketu.

7th house: saturn.

9th house:mars.

10th house:jupiter.

12th house: rahu.

I request any one to clarify my following doubts(especially)


When will i get marraige?

Will i get a lovable wife?

Will i get moksha after my death?

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