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Debilitated MOON - Kindly Advice

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Hi All Gurus


Since Moon is the Ruler of Mind, Left Eye and Chest and plays an important role in deciding the State of Mind of a Native...I have following queries regarding this and if some else have more kindly add them here.


1. What is the effect of Moon when in DEBILITATED with respect to all bhavas

2. If Moon is the only Planet outside Ketu-Rahu Axis under debilitated condition then will it lead to Partial Kalsaarp Yoga.


Sample Horoscope details

DOB: 4th august 1976

TOB: 08:55 AM

POB: New Delhi


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hi vipvats ji,


i have some thing to share. you have seen my chart. DOB 5- july, 77. time - 3.50 am and place- hyderabad ..

moon is the only planet outside the Rahu- Ketu axis i feel and is in an inimical sign of saturn. It is not technically debilitated but as good as that. That is my very own living experience.

As moon is manaskaraka, my life is mostly mentally illdisposed and always its under stress and anxiety. Hypersensitivity and always active. Brooding over things and taking unneccessary stress. Also fickle minded. it is all about the mind.

Also one more striking thing about what u said , it is ruler of the left eye. One may be really surprised about what i say. I have a peculiar medical condition with my left eye, it is called "Lazy Eye" . The top eye doctors informed that it is not eye sight defect but the vision will be weak for the left eye i do not use spectacles but i cannot see that good with my left eye. i have to live with it.


So as in your chart moon is debilitated, it must be a tough time with mind matters...


And is there a thing called Partial Kalasarpa Yoga? i do not think something like that exists..


I think some more inputs will come from members...



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It was really nice to see your response and The reason of writing this thread was to discuss the properties of some special conditions like this so that people having to those combination's can discuss under same thread..


Regarding me I would say that There seems to be some positive effect of Jupiter on me in this regard and mind is stable to certain extent. Even tough people predict that I am HOT tempered by nature but people with whom I Live have very rarely seen me in Anger..I try to avoid the stress on my mind and go away from Stress and Strains...


Lets see if some one come up with some more example of Debilitated Moon



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