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Is my Marriage going to be delayed?

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Hello, namaste,


was wondering if someone could have a look at my chart, so far I must say there is absolutely 0 progress in my marriage front, and its worrying us a lot.



10 AM




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Kal sarp dosh and ketu mahadasha is delaying your marriage. Moreover, saturn aspecting moon results in punarpoo dosha. However, marriage is surely promised. Period from august 2009 is good for the marriage.

with regards

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Hi Taipei,


Thanks so much for your reply. Another astrologer I met a months back told me the same thing about Ketu dasha and August.


Is it because August my shukra dasa starts?

He also said something about how a proposal might come thru next few months, but would not be reliable to go ahead because I want have the aspect of Guru. (Guru Bala).


Thanks again

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