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How can a city bred person fit in a village?

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740524r2.rom Conversations with Srila Prabhupada …


“Yes, naturally. If this man is fed up with this industry, he can go back to village and produce his own food. But he is attached to this industrial activity because he is thinking that “We are getting more money for wine and woman and meat. Let me enjoy.” That is the perfect, imp… But if he chants Hare Krsna maha-mantra, his consciousness will be purified and he will be made not interested this kind of work. He will go back to village and produce food.”

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Guest Melvin1


When he gets purified by chanting Hare Krishna Mantra:


In my place, subdivisions are called villages. Pun aside, if you are a city-bred person who wants to stay in a village fit is no problem. The problem is how the people in the village fit you.

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Guest Melvin1


If fitting is a problem, you can always use your elbows to make more space :D


Like telling the people in the village that their mayor is your uncle?:rolleyes:

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do any one here have any experience of living in a village community?any experience of farming?

yeps back in my days in India in 2004 and 2005 as a Student, I went for my holidays to my friend's place in a small village in Assam.

That was really amazing, I observed Tea, rice cultivation and cattle, pig rearing.

That was a really awesome experience. The fresh air, serene atmosphere, the universal brotherhood feeling, the mother like caring of the Aunties there were enchanting.

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