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lucid dreaming

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i hvae been experiance what is called lucid dreaming i dont know what its called in hinduisim but im very disturbed by it. i cant sleep at night, is there anything i could do about it for it to stop. most of the time im experiances wake-initiated lucid dream. here a link about lucid dreaming if this helps in the diagnosis. can anyone help me out, this has been happeningto me for a couple of years now and it kinda scares me, when it happens i try to wake myself up from it cause im afriad i might die or somthing if i was to fall asleep.can anyone help me out

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Dreams represent our mental conflicts and subconcious thoughts which are dependenton our moods and our habits.

If u can see ,our rate of inhalation gets deeper whenwe r in a deep sleep.

U can understand from your experience that when ever u force your self out of dream -this first conciuos effort u make is to will out of dream and u do that by exerting pressure and inhaling and then-u force your eyes open.

It all related with breath.

I suggest u a this simple and very effective solution --

1.Have a good measure of perfume (made of NIGHT JASMINE ONLY) sprayed generously in your bedroom and when u sleep feel the scent entering you and just enjoy its scent while u sleep.


2.Apply(can even massage) sesame oil to your feet before u sleep.


U find the difference very soon


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